Capcom considers Okamiden successor for Nintendo 3DS

In an recent interview with Capcoms' Okamiden producer Motohide Eshiro he talked about the future of the Okami series. He stated that an Okami or Okamiden successor could be possible if the fans express their wished and want the game.

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Miroque2904d ago

I think the graphics and gameplay of Okamiden would be just perfect for the Nintendo 3DS!

portablegaming2904d ago

I sure would like to see how cell shading comes out on the Nintendo 3DS. But it must be a bomb.

Miroque2904d ago

Well Star Fox is at least semi-cell shaded if you compare it to it's history.

AAACE52903d ago

I'm starting to expect a lot from the 3DS! I will even go as far as believing we will see ports with updated graphics of Final Fantasy 7-12 hit the console!

Sorano2904d ago

I liked the PS2 version of Okami, the Wii one was to "wiggly" for me. I wish they would consider a PS3 or Xbox360 version. Because Okami is clearly the better game of the Zelda concept.

qface642904d ago

okami flopped mega hard only reason its even on the DS i doubt they would ever even consider going for a round 2 flop not this capcom at least

Spenok2903d ago

I dont know man. Zelda is a legend, an Idol, a master, a King in the gameing community. Okami was great, but i dont think it beats Zelda. Nevertheless a PS3 or 360 verion would be sweet.

Lucreto2904d ago

I hope they redo the original game with the MOVE controller. They are already half way there with the wii version.

Sorano2904d ago

Well it would be ok. But I don't like these "waggly" games. Sure now they could do Okami HD like it was a PS2 game and Move can fully copy Move for PS3. Would be totally possible.

Alos882904d ago

I'd buy 5 copies of Okamiden just to see a 3DS sequel, this is a series that worthwhile.

2904d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.