Warhawk: Price Does Matter

Sam Kennedy of 1up writes:

"As you might have already seen, Patrick posted an interesting story earlier today about Warhawk's price -- specially, that the game releases in a few weeks and doesn't yet have one (for the PSN download, at least). This story was rather important to me for two reasons: 1. because what Sony is doing with Warhawk by simultaneously releasing it on Blu-ray and PSN is rather unprecedented and I find this quite exciting, and 2. because I'm also reviewing the game for EGM, and price, especially for a PSN game, is absolutely a factor to consider.

Why? Because reviews are very much an indication of how much value something represents to a consumer. We take everything, from the experience to the replayability, into account when reviewing a game, but at the end of the day, we're saying whether something is worth your money. It's why Shadowrun, which released at $60, was largely panned. It's why I recently scored the PS2 game The Red Star a 7.5 because, at $20, I felt it was a good value. It's why every review of the iPhone answered the real question on everyone's minds: is it worth $600 (it absolutely is, btw)..."

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the_round_peg3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I know this does not belong in Xbox 360. It's my mistake, not deep's. I told him to add Shadowrun but forgot to show him how.

By the time I showed him the instruction, it's too late, and the article has already been approved.

Instruction: "How to add Shadowrun: first, you need to check Xbox 360 as type. Then, go to Related Games and add "Shadowrun" for both 360 and PC. Then, save. Then, remove Xbox 360 as a type."

sonarus3917d ago

warhawk is pretty much the only ps3 game i havnt heard anyone hate on. I hope this game dosent get delayed too like lair even though i have a feeling it will. If they do delay it they better add rumble in there. This is one game that rumble could definetly enhance the gameplay

Violater3917d ago

no hate you say, you obviously weren't around before WH had its graphical upgrade.
People crapped on it all the time for looking like a reddish brownish mess of a game, that was a MP online only cop out.
Then the beta dropped, the graphics were upgraded, people were having tons of fun (expect the poor folks like myself that didn't get in).
And now here we are people anticipate it more than Lair and possibly HS.

Vojkan3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )


the_round_peg3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Shadowrun was panned by critics as a ripoff at $60 (which it is.) Shadowrun is half-a-game with outdated last-gen graphics, but it charged the full price of $60. Even as a multiplayer-only game, Shadowrun's multiplayer features and options are scant and lacking.

Zhuk3917d ago

Shadowrun had potential at a lower price point I believe in the US market, but I agree that it was priced too high and that really hurt people's perception of it, MS handled the pricing of the game poorly. It would of been cool if it was $30 to $40 and if they allowed you to download the game from the marketplace for cheaper. It's a fun game, it just hasnt got enough meat to warrant a full priced game

ktchong3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

It does not look like a next-gen game.

I like Xbox 360 and its large library, but Microsoft as a game studio needs to stop putting out sucky games like Shadowrun and Vampire Rain.

As game studios, Sony still surpasses Microsoft in terms of game quality, innovation, creativity, uniqueness, variety and design.

Snake_Doctor3917d ago

So Shadowrun got an 8 from 1UP at $60... Should Warhawk start at a rating of 16 for 30 bucks? or is this just a new thing that one reviewer is taking upon himself?

aaquib23917d ago

I played and loved the BETA, but like I voted in the poll, Im not paying more than $30. If Sony allows people to share the games like all the other PSN titles, I'll go to's PS3 chat and trade someone there for free. Im not paying more than $30 online when the full game is $60 with a bluetooth headset and an actual physical copy of the disk with re-sale value. I have a feeling Sony will price it at $40 because of the hype around it, but $40 for a multiplayer online game won't sell as well as it will for $30. That $10 is a HUUGE difference for me and all my friends I know that are considering this game. It's Sony's decision of what they will price it at, but it's our decision if we will buy it at that price.

shysun3916d ago

These companies work hard and you're going to steal they're game....that's messed up.I hope they catch you guys and lock your PS3 from PSN!:(

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