PSN Exclusive Joe Danger Breaks Even on Launch

Hello Games’ Joe Danger, the PlayStation Network exclusive, is one of the highest critically acclaimed PSN titles ever created. To complement its critical success, it has been confirmed that Joe Danger’s commercial success is going very well with the PlayStation Network exclusive breaking even on its release day which was June 8th.

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doctorstrange2750d ago

Here at Develop, having a lot of fun

UNCyrus2750d ago

Always nice to have good news hit the front page of N4G!

Spenok2749d ago

Very true. Now lets hope for a sequal.

Chubear2749d ago

Now we have a rough understanding how much small downloadable games ($9.99/$14.99 type games) need to sell to break even depending on the size of the development team ofcourse.

roughly 50-100k, likely less (25k maybe) for $4.99 type games. Excellent.

sikbeta2749d ago

Awesome Game, Totally deserve the money, if you don't bought it, do it NOW...

user94220772750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Completely love this game. So much fun. Glad to hear it's doing so well.

lordgodalming2749d ago

Gives hope to the Indie scene. The only PSN games I like better are Wipeout HD and Fl0wer (also an Indie title). Bravo to Hello Games.

Dave-The-Rave2750d ago

This is a weird looking game..

Taggart4512750d ago

It's good when you see a group of guys get recognized for their hard work. Now everything will be gravy :)

doctorstrange2750d ago

I can't wait to see what they do next

moparful992750d ago

It fills my heart with joy to see a small company with great ideas, drive, and skill recieve so much success because of sony's open platform. It's official I'm a sony fanboy and proud of it!

TrevorPhillips2750d ago

Hey i've heard about this game, apparently it's good :)

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The story is too old to be commented.