Project Offset Devs Pissed;Delays new footage; leaked footage was from a year old build

The project offset video which was available on the net a few days ago was leaked and the developers seem very angry about the incident. So angry that, they have decided not to even show the video from the newest build of the game.

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ReconHope3884d ago

build after the old build just represented your game? is it bad or something?

TriggerHappy3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Maybe they wanted to surprise the public i guess ?

MK_Red3884d ago

Agreed. Their surprise may be gone now but if the game has recieved a bit of steam and if they show the final/recent build of game now, they might gain some huge momentum if it really has Crysis heavy visuals.

Omega Kaze3884d ago

People went pretty crazy over their old trailer (the leaked one). People love this game and they want anything they can get. To not show a new trailer wouldn't necessarily hurt them, but to show their latest build, and if its just that much more impressive people will go crazy over it and build tons of more followers of it. Hopefully we see some more at TGS or something, they have been quiet for far too long.

vidoardes3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Never even saw the video, can't have gone that far, unless it was the new "trailer". I didn't think it looked that bad if that's the one they are talking about

madness3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

for those who missed it:

vidoardes3884d ago

Yeah I did see that one, thought it was old tbh. Like I say, didn't look too dad, although animation looked a bit crap. Not really my sort of game though

ParaDise_LosT3884d ago

a 1year old build?! :O
But that vid was amazingly good..........
Damn this sucks though :( we won't see what it looks like now :(

TriggerHappy3884d ago

it has been announced for PC only but rumors have it that Microsoft is publishing this game.....

Finish the it the rest of my statement

BlackIceJoe3884d ago

That stinks I would have liked to have seen the build. Also it sounds like it was are fault it was leaked. Leaks some times happen but with this one I thought nothing but good news came out of the game. Well may be soon then Project Offset will be shown. Plus I want to know what the final name for the game will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.