Microsoft: New function of ban for Xbox Live, firmwares LT soon detected?

Logic-Sunrise writes:

A very important information has appeared a few hours (it happens now on a page Access Denied) on the web.

In effect this update will release information on sending firmware on the drive and the connection to Xbox Live ...

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TrevorPhillips2904d ago

I hope this is true.

Don't ask why.

BubblesDAVERAGE2904d ago

Ain't few things in this world can compare to a free game

bviperz2903d ago

Unless you're the creator of said game and trying to make some money to make a living.

avengers19782903d ago

There will be a ton of banning going on from now until the holiday season.

The Maxx2903d ago

Yup. expect to see a spike in 360 Slim sales right after the release of the new dashboard....

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TrevorPhillips2904d ago

Too many hackers and all on xbox live, I have had enough of it seriously

Drjft2904d ago

The LiteTouch stuff isn't anything to do with hacking. It allows your XBox 360 to play burnt games, and the only people who're hating towards the flashers is the guys who're too shitty they can't do it themselves :p

You're thinking of JTagged consoles.

TrevorPhillips2904d ago

Oh my bad thats the one hehe :)

Although J-Tagging is annoying too

AssassinHD2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

People who cannot do it themselves are not the only ones hating. There are those of us who simply dislike common thieves. I know that legally copyright infringement is a different charge than theft, but as far as I am concerned if it looks like a thief, smells like a thief, and works to illegally acquire items that are not intended to be free, to avoid having to pay for them, then it is a thief.

ranmafandude2904d ago

people will pirate and hack their console.

TrevorPhillips2904d ago

Hackers will always do there thing no matter what

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The story is too old to be commented.