(Killzone 3 Controls) Ironstar Podcast No. 21

In this episode Wip3ou7, Kontraband, Drewsdays, Dominator, Treezy, and Marrissa talk about the new Wipeout Home Space, PS3 Hulu Plus Subscription, Gran Turismo 5 Music Name Contest. Also possible Left for Dead porting to the PS3, New White PS3, and Killzone 3 Controls.

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trounbyfire2779d ago

i played BC2 and then KZ2 and i never had to adjust.

now i play KZ2 and Moh beta and i never have to adjust

i think people just wanted to hate the game.

Kontraband812778d ago

The whole controls war in KZ2 sickened me. Play the game how the developers wanted it to be played imo.

BlackBusterCritic2779d ago

I enjoyed your E3 coverage, and your podcasts are just as entertaining and insightful.

Persistantthug2779d ago

Didn't know you were a member on this site.....

right on. :)

redDevil872779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

I'm hoping KZ3 controls are closer to BC2 then MW2.

Kontraband812778d ago

This is how it felt to me at E3, but keep in mind it was still Alpha so its all subject to change.

DA_SHREDDER2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Ive learned to deal with the KZ2 controls. I just felt like I was wrestling with the controls, I didn't like that shit at all. And no I didn't suck, I got my top 10% online trophies to prove that I dont suck. Stop telling us to go play COD, and that we suck, how bout you just deal with the fact everyone who was fine with the controls were in the minority. Thats why you go on KZ2 right now and you would be lucky to have 200 people online at a time.

If you think I suck, add me on the psn and I will show you how bad you fuckin suck when I pwn you with my pistol.

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The story is too old to be commented.