Deus Ex 3 'Developed on All Platforms' Simultaneously

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's producer has confirmed that the game is being developed on all 3 platforms simultaneously.

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BakedGoods3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

This is how you develop games: do it simultaneously. Until of course your tech maxes out the 360, then you go lead PS3.

If you want to be a competitive developer this is how you do it (see Visceral & DICE). Otherwise you're stuck with old tech and eventually struggle to compete.

If you disagree challenge my opinion instead of labeling this as trolling. I'd be interested in hearing your own opinion on console-led development.

gaffyh3075d ago

If you're going to port, it's better to lead on PS3 because the game will look near identical on both consoles then (proven fact). But I agree that simultaneous development is better, I mean look at MW1, it came out when all PS3 ports looked worse than 360 ports, but it looked identical on both platforms.

gypsygib3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I don't disagree and make no mistake I love my PS3'games but it was stupid to make it so complex to design for, they should have just used pc architecture. It cost devs more to make games on it and often they get less sales. EVERY PS3 game could have looked better than 360 is they just used pc architecture with a superior graphics card to 360 and/or more ram - that's the advatage of releasing a year later. The whole untapped potential argument fails because they could have had superior graphics soonerand with less expense, bad press and developer frustration. The PS3 cost over 800 dollars to make at launch, 200 for the blu-ray but still they could have had a superior system to the 360 using more familiar stuff, and games may have looked even better than they do now.

talltony3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I cannot complain about the architecture. Multiplats are mostly always even on both platforms even with ps3's harder to develop for architecture. The exclusives show both consoles true colors and that was the plan from the very beginning with the ps3.

Ju3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

If that would have been so easy, I am sure they would have done it. Both, RSX and Xenos were state of the art at the time. The CPUs have been custom made because there was nothing available for the performance per watt ratio needed at the time (the design was pushed by Sony, BTW - MS bought into IBM after). The PS3 dev started actually before 360. CELL was half way done when IBM sold the PPU to MS. And with the deal with ATI they could beat Sony to the market. Sony wanted more headroom for a longer lifecycle. PC type architecture simply can't survive to long - tech is getting updated all - what - 6 month ?

DeathMetal3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

on the superior platform the PC

@ above all tech gets outdated quickly if the cell was so great your games wouldn't choke on 720P at low frame rates.

Ju3074d ago

No, and no.

You lead on a PC for rapid prototyping. You have to go down to the target to optimize for the specific platform.

On the PS3, that also means a different render backend than DX. 360 has specific EDRAM, memory setup and specific optimized cachelines you need low level code for.

Further more, you'd want to optimize for memory constraints on consoles (and won't bother on the PC). You also might want to be careful how and when you load resources, how you manage resources on the console.

All things which could possibly be backported to a PC, but might not be necessary - or simply aren't done because nobody cares.

And the CELL is still a monster. Most PCs to this date do not run 6/7 parallel execution units. The amount of action on screen of latest games is unmatched with current main stream PCs. My one year old Quad cannot compete with it. I can possibly run some (maybe half) of my games with higher res and better AA - but with half the effects, too.

The bottle neck in those consoles is the graphics chip, not the CPU. And it survived the last 4 or 5 years to still be competitive, while my one year old PC is not.

DeathMetal3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

will whip the Ps3 are you kidding? look at gta 4 i can put as much traffic on the screen as I want and it runs fine vehcile density consoles 33 my old PC 50. Botom line is Gpu in the PS3 is weak tha's why games have low resolutions. If PS3 is so great then explain my every multiplat on the PC absolutley destroys the PS3 version.

Quagmire3075d ago

Imagine if this game looked as epic as it did in the CGI trailers. Heck, i wouldnt mind watching this as a film with that level of CGI.

Dragun6193074d ago

I would imagine they will try. They are using Square Enix's Crystal Tools engine for this game.

Hellsvacancy3075d ago

Im welll lookin 4ward to Deus Ex 3, cant wait

The-Tentacle3075d ago

Good, this means the PS3 version will not be restricted by inferior hardware. Its about time devs got a clue, the Xbox has damaged this gen enough.

gypsygib3074d ago

Not really, devs just don't want to spend the money finding the untapped potential and I can't blame them. PS3 should have been developer friendly and they would all look better instead of many looking worse (negligible though).

edhe3074d ago

Good, this means the 360 version will not be restricted by inferior hardware. Its about time devs got a clue, the PS3 has damaged this gen enough.

Woo, i can do that too.

Hacker3074d ago

lol we all know xbox360 version is gonna be superior so whats the point of this news?

callahan093074d ago

PC version will be superior.

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