Can your games console really make you fit?

AATG writes: "If there’s one weird phenomena that’s risen from the pile of discarded pizza boxes and Pringles tubes this generation, it’s the fitness game. There is a gigantic multi-million dollar market for games that purport to marry your favourite hobby with your least favourite lifestyle pursuit, peddling the ideal that by waggling your arms around in front of your telly for a few nights a week, you too can have a body like Kylie or Robert Pattinson."

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dirigiblebill2903d ago

When I play fitness games, they tend to give me pulled muscles :s For my money, you need a real trainer there to help you gauge the motions.

HairyArse2903d ago

Of the limited number of fitness 'games' I've tried, the best by far was easily EA Sports Active. The inline skating exercise which had you bending down and holding that position waiting to jump when your on-screen skater reached a ramp, was murderous on the thighs.

Fishy Fingers2903d ago

Does chilling out with a beer shooting mates in the face make you fit? If not, then they've got no chance with me. But with the right games played in the right way, they have the potential to help make you "fitter", whether they can take an unhealthy person and without help from other areas make you "fit" is a different matter.

But me, I'll go for a surf or hit the gym rather than try and get my exercise from a game. My gaming is done sat on my ass and that's how I plan to keep it.

2903d ago