Yakuza Black Panther : new gameplay video

A new gameplay footage video of the game

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Folezicle2594d ago

I liked Yakuza 3, I hope this is good too

Shang-Long2593d ago

i was bad at it.. i couldnt beat the demo. i didnt get what i was doing wrong.

Redempteur2593d ago

following the pink dot on the map was too difficult ?

kvg882594d ago

this looks really good, especially for a PSP game.

Quagmire2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

I remember back way-when that they were boasting this to be the best looking PSP game out there, close to or surpassing PS2 gfx. Does look quite awesome to me, charcter models look well defined, better than anything before on psp.

gano2594d ago

this better come out here.

Newtype2593d ago

I need to buy a new PSP.

dizzleK2593d ago

Yakuza Black Panther: starring Bruce Leroy as "The Boss". coming to a grindhouse near you.

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