NowGamer Preview: Hustle Kings (Move)

NowGamer's hands-on preview with the PSMove edition of Hustle Kings

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J-Smith3079d ago

hustle kings is the best ever pool game ever

fastrez3079d ago

It's an amazing game on PSN in that it looks simple, but is actually really engrossing. Occasionally dip in to play some more now and then. Just hope Sony keep the price the same for the Move edition.

despair3078d ago

most likely everyone who purchased the game will get the move update free and I don't see them raising the price ever. Great game btw.

Cloudberry3079d ago

Good to hear Hustle Kings + MOVE = "A great showcase of what Move is capable of." (from the article)

jneul3079d ago

this shows how precise the move is lol, it sounds impressive with reference to

"Taking shots with the Move controller is simple, although we did have to lower the sensitivity to line up the shots we wanted. Pressing circle will slow down the aiming line significantly, allowing for pin-point accurate shots, and by raising or lowering the controller, players can apply top or backspin for positioning, as well as swerve.
Taking your shot is as simple as holding down the trigger, pulling back the controller and thrusting it forward, with shot power entirely dependant on your physical force, making for an incredibly intuitive control mechanic. This simple system proves Move’s superiority over Wii, with the controller perfectly gauging depth of field, axis spin and forward and backward force."

this is how precise the move is, it is very precise, and sometimes you have to turn the sensitivity down for some users lol

Apocalypse Shadow3079d ago

that move is for the casual and core gamer.

an excellent "move" by sony by creating an optional middle ground controller for all consumers to use.

kerrak3079d ago

RUSE and Hustle Kings recent news on Move show that this control system is deeper than we might have thought at the beginning.
If this thing is really capable of delivering a precision similar to the one found in mouse, i can't wait to see RTS games coming to consoles.

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