Dead Rising 2: Breaks out Aussie Outbreak Collectors Edition


"Zombie fans, look no further. The Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition is your ULTIMATE weapon in the fight against an oncoming zombie apocalypse destined for Fortune City this September 30.

Yes, you heard right, The Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition features A ZOMBIE WITH INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS.

The Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Edition is limited run of only 700 PER FORMAT (Xbox 360 and PS3)across the whole of Australia."

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gaminoz2898d ago

Ewwwwwwwwe. Rip off its head? Cool figure but the wife would hate it!

XboxOZ3602898d ago

So long as fake blood doesn't come spurting out, I'm fine, hey, you can rip Barbies head off, but no one makes much fuss over that, so why worry about some zombie's head lol.

gaminoz2898d ago

Zombie Barbie! That would have been a cool figure for this!

So this is Aussie only?

XboxOZ3602897d ago

YEs, the same pack is also avail in EU, but again, limited numbers, but the info here is for the limited number that will be available in Aust ONLY, just 2100 all up, that's 700 per platform .. . . from the 3 main retailers, EB GAmes (there's a local number to call to get the pre-order in article) and then GAME and JB Hi-Fi.

BadCircuit2898d ago

The collectors edition looks good but I don't like Dead Rising so I don't really want it.

XboxOZ3602898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Man I want one of these, and they are ONLY available in Australia, and there's ONLY just 700 of them per platform (360, PS3 and PC) that's just 2100 units Australia wide.

Jump on the phone boys-n-girls details are in the article as well.

There is another the same available for EU as well, but this is for Australia gamers, as they were left out of the EU availability . . . so please don't can this, it's here to notify Aussie gamers more than anything else . . . .so be fair to ALL gamers and allow them to have the news it's now available for them as well here in Australia.

REALgamer2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

But only if they've fixed the unfair save point locations and punishing difficulty from the first game. It's all well and good providing a challenge, but when you hit a brick wall in difficulty due to stupid companion AI and controls, there's a problem.

I'm talking about leading that stupid lady through the central park with the convicts in the jeep.

I stopped playing at that point. =(

stonecold12898d ago

be better if they brought dead rising one and sead rising 2 on ps3 that would be option i would get

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The story is too old to be commented.