Xbox 360 HD DVD player sales rise 1,000%

What happens when you discount the price on the Xbox 360 HD DVD player and throw in five free movies? They sell more than they did before.

Looking through's sales rank movers and shakers, the Xbox 360 HD DVD player's sales increased over 1,000% since the $20 price drop.

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the_round_peg3947d ago

things are starting to look up for 360.

XxZxX3947d ago

ehhh now it's okay to post amazon since it's on XBOX 360?

DiLeCtioN3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

after the price cuts i don't see any reason why they shouldn't increase

the_round_peg3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

People are such cheapskates... just like me. :D

sticky doja3947d ago

Its about paying $20 less and getting 5 more movies than before, its common sense. I mean the player pays for itself dude. Thats just a great deal.

GamerPERIOD3947d ago

Are not the most reliable... example. HD Drive is up 1000% if they sold 1 per day prior to the price drop, now they are selling 10... thats 1000% increase... so we need to see how many they were selling prior to the price drop compared to what they are now... (including 6000% for the ps3) same thing... most people though i think are buying it based on the 5 free movies rather than the 20 dollar price drop though, all in all almost 100 dollars in savings is good.

sticky doja3947d ago

But not for $149 :(

Still after watching King Kong in HD last night, then watching 300 on regular DVD I am spoiled on HD DVD. Can't wait till my HD DVD copy of 300 comes in from amazon.

Panthers3947d ago

Yea I got 300 on blu-ray and it is hard to go back to regular.

TLSBill3947d ago

Go back with your reciept and make them pricematch it. If it was only a day ago, and the new price is cheaper get your $$$ back from them. Worst case scenario, return yours, get the full credit and buy the cheaper one.

Don't get ripped off man!

sticky doja3947d ago

Mine should be here any day now though.

Panthers3947d ago

Imagine what will happen when the 360 gets cut. Even though it is a crappy price cut, it will generate a ton of sales...

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The story is too old to be commented.