Amazing 2010 summed up in 10 games

Cynamite has listed the most awesome titles released in 2010 so far. These ten games include such stunning masterpieces like God of War 3, Heavy Rain and Bioshock 2. You can also add your personal favorites to the collection by commenting on the text.

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Ibol2598d ago

Nice list. Bad Company 2 is the best game so far =)

DSco42598d ago

Did you forget God of War 3?

Letros2598d ago

Did you forget what an opinion is?

hmmmm2598d ago

I agree with BC2!

ME2 was great but single player games just don't stay on the brain as long with me, i dont get much of a thrill out of multiple playthroughs. For me multiplayer is where its at and BC2 is damn good!

rzafan12598d ago

These games are really the best of 2010

Shmai_the_Cat2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Agreed. But Bioshock 2 was more like a disappointment imo.

DuneBuggy2598d ago

Yeah, it was still great but the first one was better IMO.

neotom2598d ago

my favourite is heavy rain

RankFTW2598d ago

I've played most of them except MG2, ME2 and SC:C. All excellent games and I'll pick the others up at some point.

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