No Army of Two demo pre-release

Army of Two lead designer Chris Ferriera says that as much as EA Montreal would love to do a demo, they sort of need to concentrate on the game instead.

Asked when we might see one, he told Eurogamer: "Not prior to release. I don't know if there'll be something later, but the thing is given our release date [15th November for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US and Europe] and where we're at, we'd rather focus on this rather than taking engineers off and having them do a demo."

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MK_Red3975d ago

Based on new gameplay vids and the E3 showing, I think they should delay the whole project for an overhaul since the game wasn't really in good shape. And no pre-release demo for a new IP? Is EA crazy (Unless the demo is that bad)?

VirusE3975d ago

A demo for this game is a bad idea; it ruins chances of the game selling. You gotta love the idea though! Nothing like a video game made exclusively for 14 year old boys with low IQs.

Rhezin3975d ago

WOW that's a great way to bring the hype up.


skynidas3975d ago

i hate this m0th3rf()ck3rs of ea

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