Kinect and Move 'will appeal to the hardcore'

One of the original founders of Acclaim Entertainment has said that Microsoft Kinect and Sony PlayStation Move tech will appeal to hardcore gamers.

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TheTeam062592d ago

Tech? Yes.


Move - Yes

Kinect - Pending

Quagmire2592d ago

Tech? Maybe

Games? Potentially

Move? Yes

Kinect? LOL

wicko2592d ago

No kidding, the thought of kinect being for "hardcore" players is just laughable.

D4RkNIKON2592d ago

Kinect WILL be implemented into hardcore games eventually, but it will be used with a controller only for gimmicky in game tasks. Without buttons the limitations are just too much for any kind of depth in game.

karl2592d ago

i dont understand how are they going to do that with no first party studios..

sinces games need to be on both ps3 and xbox i doubt any developer will be willing to do that

harrisk9542592d ago

By the time Kinect is implemented into hardcore games (if ever), it will be too late. They will have already lost the hardcore market. When a new tech product is released, it generally sells the most volume and then levels or drops off. (with one notable exception being the Wii)

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fatstarr2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

If either become hardcore the population of hypocrites in gaming will more than triple. we can go back in the n4g time machine and read a lot of move and kinect supporters and see how they felt about motion in the beginning. honestly nothing has changed besides some tweaks here and there. whats the purpose of articles like this.

The big picture of selling out gaming soul for casual pie. worst gen ever.

8thnightvolley2592d ago

come on seriously .. kinect and move will appeal to hardcore come on if wii of all consoles which has casual reaking all over it .. was able to try and invite hardcore titles like conduit to it as a hardcore title how much more the 360 and ps3 which is hardcore central.. kinect and move will have a casual fleet of games at launch but as the product is bought by more ppl 3rd party devs will surely without a dout make some serious hardcore titles on those peripherals.. that is fact.... coz alot of them are thinking of creating something new and something hardcore audience would eat up.. and would be something fresh..

avengers19782592d ago

MOve has already shown that they have functionallity with "hardcore games"(socom 4, LBP, KZ3) Kinect has not shown anything that remotely even looks like it has that kind of capabilites.

hakis862592d ago

Hmm, I'm sorry but I'm not sure. i think Sony has more reasearch and experience behind this than Microsoft, so I think I'll go with MOVE for my PS3.
The 360 kontroller will have to do on it's own.

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No FanS Land2592d ago

Well there are better chances that move will appeal to the hardcore.

sony has actually showed footage with top rated games. (KZ3)

Mr_Bun2592d ago

Don't forget Socom at launch

Folezicle2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

The launch titles for Kinect aren't appealing, but once we see more innovative games like Child of Eden I will be excited.

Seriously the Move launch titles are, for me, more appealing.

However I'm not in a rush to pre-order either of them

suckerpunch2592d ago


jneul2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

lol how many articles do we need on this already, no matter how many of them get posted, move wins without even a battle, it does hardcore and casual and kinect functionalities, so you actually don't need kinect at all.