New Pro Evo Soccer 11 Details, Screens And Trailer

Konami has released the latest details about Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 alongside brand new screenshots and a trailer.

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safetyUnit2902d ago

man after played world cup cant wait for evo

hennessey862902d ago

the player animations are so realistic PRO EVO BACK TO ITS VERY BEST by by fifa

Djorgo2902d ago

I like the over-all perspecive view a lot. Feels like a moving camera.

Wh15ky2902d ago

I loved Pro Evo on the PS2 and the Wii but since owning a PS3 it's had to be FIFA. Pro Evo online is just no where near good enough, 2010 was alot better than 2008 and 2009 but it was still unplayable IMO. Another minor niggle that puts me off of Pro Evo now a days is the name PES, it sounds shit and therefore I will always refer to it as the manlier sounding PRO EVO.

FIFA 10 and FIFA World Cup 2010 have been really good, especially online modes on FIFA World Cup 2010.
I'll probably go for FIFA this year again.

I still prefer the feel of Pro Evo compared to FIFA but Pro Evo now needs to perfect 2 things for me to go back:

1. Fix the online once and for all


2. integrate PSMove to give the option for Total Team Wii style controls.