Amazon Germany reveals Xbox 360 Slim Arcade

New Xbox 360 Arcade Slim for pre-order at Amazon Germany.

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-MD-2744d ago

I see no reason to believe it isn't real. We know it's coming and that 4GB provided isn't half bad either compared to the ZERO they offered before.

wazzim2744d ago

4gb is great, 20gb would be a bit better but you can use usb sticks now so w/e.

dizzleK2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

4 gigs is plenty of room for some demos, xbla games or dlc. compared to the 256mb they give you now it's damn good. when this hits i'll pick one up for the bedroom or something.

garos822744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

a new hdd? and you think thats good. thats just a terrible decision. what if you wanted to upgrade with your 20gb hdd for a new slim arcade. "thats ok, just buy more crap that i really shouldnt be buying in the first place"

edit: this comment was aimed k jules below

QSPR2744d ago

yes you have 4GB compare to the old arcade version,but in the old version you CAN bye a HDD in the future,now in the NEW slim you CAN'T buy any HDD to use it,so M$ like always.... never mind. Bend Foward!!

k jules2744d ago

MS will likely launch new HDD's for the slim, because they know there will be plenty of people to buy them over the coming months after the launch of the new arcade.

Convas2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Ummm, so? How it that any different from what MSFT has been doing the past 4 and a half years? They've ALWAYS used proprietary HDDs, this is no surprise.

K Jules is right, MSFT will launch a new line of HDDs for the X360 Slims soon, so that Arcade users will have more options. They'll have the 4GB storage unit, then they can either get 16GB Flash Drives (Or any size beneath that, whatever suits the consumer's need) or the Proprietary HDD.

MSFT may be greedy money-grubbers, but I will give them credit for giving us a bit of freedom with this flash storage plan.

Gamer_892744d ago

i at least expected a 20 gig hdd but 4 gig come on M$ we no you are a evil company.So your still in dark side of the force. Some thinks never change

HarryM2744d ago

Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to you..

Convas2744d ago

You sir, are an idiot. The Xbox 360 Slim Arcade will probably be coming with the same wireless adapter built-in. Now if that's $199, it'll sell like hot cakes.

But you are right, some things never change. Like illiterate 12 year olds trying to add to meaningful discussions and failing with their deplorable grammar skills.

sak5002744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Let's not give gamer_89 any more chance of dumbing us down. Pls -bubble this 9 year old troll.

"some thinks never change" LMAO... Probably as bad as "WON MIRLION TROOOOZ"

Go to school kid.

Theodore872744d ago

Didn't MS just throw you a bone? lol

Close_Second2744d ago

I wonder what existing arcade owners think of this. That is, do they think 4GB is enough.

Personally I would have liked MS to drop the arcade option from their range. Or keep the Arcade SKU and offer the optional HDD at a realistic price for those wanting to upgrade to more storage at a later date.

MorganX2744d ago

Arcade was meant for those who primarily want to play XBLA games, casual, arcade stuff. 4GB should be enough. Throw in a cheap 16GB USB and you have 20GB without a HD.

I'd like to see it go for $149 not $199.

Convas2744d ago

Indeed, if MSFT prices the Slim Arcade at $149, the roof will be blown off. But I doubt it though. It'd be a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

DuneBuggy2744d ago

Well, its more than enough to play any game on live. Dont you need a HD to play certain ones?