Is Steam for Mac Really a Game-Changer?

Steam has been out on the Mac for two months now. Has it been the game-changer people hoped it would be? Bitmob doesn't think so, and they offer some compelling reasons why.

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Letros2929d ago

Not with out DirectX, it's just too much effort for majority of dev/publishers to port their games to a completely different API on a platform with less than 10% marketshare.

Cevapi882929d ago

apple--very closed off when it comes to its tech....pc on the other hand is much more open....still though having steam on both platforms can only be a good thing....more people enjoying the content and games that pc users have for years

chak_2929d ago

Probleme is, as far as I know there are no shaders for OpenGL, and so many games uses them it's a problem to port to mac.

if steam was to come on linux maybe more devs would follow the openGL, but in the current state I'm not sure.

CIV 5 will be out on mac and windows, that's great :)

bbretterson2929d ago

I agree with the author. Turning the Mac into a gaming platform will be a slow process -- unless platform-neutral services like OnLive catch on.

Tolkoto2929d ago

I'm not sure if it's a game changer as much as it is a convenience for mac users.