Sonic 4: The Brand Is Not Damaged, This Is What You Want

Playing Sonic 4 at E3 was like being splashed in the face with a bucket of cold water. Finally, a 2D Sonic, in high definition, that played as well as the classic games. This is what people have been been hoping for through the years. After the show, Ars was able to speak with Ken Balough, the digital brand manager for Sonic 4, and Aaron Webber, the assistant community manager for Sega of America.

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Baltis3078d ago

I'm all for this. I think this will put Sonic back on the map. Well I hope so anyways. I didn't like that mine cart level thing though. The one where he's like flipping around in it. Looked tedious and boring. Just stick to good ol' Sonic.

qface643078d ago

the reason i don't think this will put sonic back on the map is because this is just a episodic DL game not saying DL games are bad im just saying a short DL game as apposed to a full length retail game

btw the brand is damaged going back to 2d doesn't all of a sudden cure the sonic name

zeeshan3078d ago

This is not a bad idea. I guess SEGA are testing waters here. If this titles does well, they can then take it on from here and come up with more DLC episodes while they work on some different Sonic related game like Sonic Adventures 2 or something else. This is what fans have been asking for and now it's up to us to suppose Sonic and Sega. It looks like they have done a good job. I for one will defenitely be getting this the day they release it on PSN.

2D Sonic, 2D Mortal Kombat, 2D Street Fighter, all these titles made using the lastest 3d technology and all of that on my PS3/360! That's some great stuff right there. Now only if guys at Capcom could get their heads out of their as**s and make a proper Resident Evil game ala Resident Evil 2 style!!! Aaaahhhh, that would be an amazing experience!!!!

Yi-Long3078d ago

... we DO want 2D Sonic games which will be as good or even better as the first two Megadrive/Genesis games, and as good as SonicCD.

However, what I certainly do NOT want, is this 'episodic' shit. I just want a complete game. Simple.

Also, I would have prefered actual sprite-based handdrawn 2D, and not this 3d from a fixed 2d viewpoint. The new Rayman looks absolutely stunning (but sadly, is also episodic, so won't be buying it...)

Theonik3078d ago

Agreed. I was sorta disappointed that they didn't go the HD sprite route. Just look at the new Rayman game. Also think they should have at least included Tails in the game.

SaiyanFury3078d ago

The last best Sonic game I played was back on the Genesis that was Sonic & Knuckles. It was 2D and back then Sonic Team really innovated. I liked Sonic Adventures 1 and 2 on the Dreamcast, but since then the series has really gone downhill. I have hope watching Sonic 4, the video looked good at the very least. I'll keep watching the game on the net.

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PoSTedUP3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

"this is what you want"- uhhh im pretty sure another sonic adventures is what we want...

i guess this would be cool but i mean i played 2d sonic on the game Game Gear when i was 4 yrs old, i think i am a little tired of it. ever since sonic adventures on the dreamcast, i just cannot go back. i would be pissed if the devs @ mario bros decided to make mario galaxy2 a 2D "HD" game.

this is one of the Japanese developers Mr. Kojima was talking about that lacks motivation. come the **** ON SEGA wtf.

but like #1 said, it might put them back on the map (i dont think so though because sonic adventures was the best sonic to a lot of people and that game only sold 2.5 million copys, thats including word of mouth on how awesome it was) i dont think this will be better imo.

will wait to hear more about it.

ThatArtGuy3078d ago

A Sonic Adventure 3 would be nice, but I want a great 2D Sonic first.

ActionBastard3078d ago

No, I'd like a Sonic game the quality of Super Mario...anything.

InfamousHero3078d ago

Sounds like theyre milking the fuck out of us. We'll end up paying over $60 by the time its all said and done but because we did so in small increments they think we wont take notice especially considering theyre planning on releasing them so far apart from each other.

Yeah, thats EXACTLY what i want.

birchoff3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

So you mean this is negative on your economy? I think the other way, for me who is a student this will be more convenient, especially if there is a full-priced game I also want at the same time.

Edit: Btw I accidentally gave you an Agree point.

InfamousHero3078d ago

Yes this is negative. $60 is not a lot of money for anybody especially a student who is capable of obtaining a type of financial aid. Saving up $10 a week for a month and a half is not a big deal.

dizzleK3078d ago

just give up on sonic already.

gumgum993078d ago

Sonic is Sega's biggest IP and the closest they have to Mario. I don't think its as simple as you make it sound.

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