3DS screens could be bigger, technically possible to make television-size display

Acccording to Hideki Konno, who is heading development of Nintendo’s new portable, the screen size of the 3DS could be larger and it is technically possible to incorporate the portable's screen tech into a television-size display, though there are a few reasons why Nintendo will not choose to bring that idea to market.

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jazzking20012901d ago

its time for N to enter the TV business lol

Valay2901d ago

I'm guessing you mean 3D TV. But based on what Nintendo said (and what they've said previously), they're not ready to jump into that area yet. In the future though, they will.

rockleex2901d ago

Just wait till you see the same sized glassless 3DTVs!

Btw, there are already high quality 40-50 inch 3DTVs that only cost $1,999.

In fact some of them cost even less than the 2D version of the same model.

kneon2901d ago

Using this tech it may not be expensive, but as he said, you have to be at just the right distance and height for the 3D effect to work. This tech only works for one person, or perhaps two if you don't mind someone sitting in your lap :^)

Other glasses-free 3D tech is expensive because it has to work for multiple viewers, that's where the complexity comes in.

BABY-JEDI2901d ago

I don't want to wear space goggles!!!! LoL

stb2901d ago

Then be ready to pay LOT of money for a glassless 3DTV...good luck with that.

morganfell2901d ago

Be prepared to be the only one watching the TV. The Nintendo tech doesn't work like people think it does. Set distance + set viewing angle.

dredgewalker2901d ago

Yep they forgot to tell people that the 3d effect is for only one person.

talltony2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

why do you think glassesless 3d tvs will be more expensive than 3d tv's are now once they are out? Once they are in the consumer market the 3d tv's of today will just be cheaper like hdtv's are right now. Its not like they are going to cost $20,000.

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Pedobear Rocks2901d ago

still and in and exact spot for this tech to work...

Just because you can make it bigger doesn't mean its going to be usefull.


Nitrowolf22901d ago

that was the issue i heard about the 3DS, although usually when people watch a movie they usually sit in the same spot until its over. Unless you have to be position in the middle then that might be an issue.

oh and got to try out 3D at my local bestbuy, its awesome, at first i didn't see any effect but after a few seconds i began to notice some things popping out. Got to see Wipeout HD in 3D

Gago2901d ago

thats still a 1000 times better than wearing those stupid glasses

also: its very very possible they can make 3D displays with wider viewing angles

similar to improving the viewing angle on LCD screens

beardpapa2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

you can't make 3d displays with 'wider' viewing angles unless you use MS's wedge display approach with the camera-user's head-detection. It's basic geometry where it's optimal when source image to user eyes is at particular angles, but when the angles deviate too much then that's the problem. Take for example a triangle. The point at the top is the source image while the two points at the base are your eyes. The closer your eyes are to the source, the wider the angles can be (like an obtuse triangle). But when your eyes are too far from the source (e.g, like viewing 3d off a tv sitting at a sofa 6 feet away), the two points at the base are farther from the source sort of like an isoceles triangle which have narrower angles.

It's the reason why the 3ds can do 3D without those glasses. The glasses shutter speeds help to separate the images at far distances. Since the user's eyes are so close to the 3ds, glasses aren't necessary. The 3ds also has a slider to adjust the 3D effect (perhaps the slider is similar to adjusting the image angles the screen is projecting towards the eyes - this solves a distance issue really by basic geometry). But the glasses themselves do have a limitation since they separate left and right images. Tilt your head and the 3D effect disappears since the glasses would be going towards perpendicular to those images. You can try this at the Sony store. The 3d effect is lost when tilting, and since images overlap each other when you tilt, the colors change as well (e.g., what is supposed to be blue appears purple).

There were glasses-less tvs on display at CES, but even attendees said the effect would be lost if they weren't standing at a specific distance. Basically the glasses-less tv works like the isoceles triangle and the tech works by method of pythagorean theorem. Again, MS's wedge display tech would probably be the feasible method for wider angles without the limitations of being at specific places to view the 3d effect. The 3d effect is more forgiving with glasses while the current-tech glasses-less 3dtvs require you to be where manufacturers want you to position yourself relative to the device (unless of course they include some sort of slider thing like the 3ds but you'd still have to be dead center).

kneon2901d ago

There are many companies that have working multi-viewer glasses-free 3D displays that work from any normal viewing position. The problems are cost and difficulty in manufacturing.

We'll have them one day, but who knows how far off that will be.

hardcorez2901d ago

Hey all you multiple Valay's an extra 10 degrees for the story!

PWNER2901d ago

Everyone ready for the 3DSXL?

EpsilonTeam2901d ago

Exactly. Get ready for 3DS Lite/XL in the near future.

Spenok2900d ago

I am, the 3DS looks tiny. If a japanese guy can carry in in one hand by its lengthy side then theres something wrong. Though dont get me wrong, i will be buying one.

jneul2901d ago

who wants to sit in a sit position from a set distance from the tv and have to keep their head atraight, anyone?? we are stuck with 3d tv with glasses until they make glass-less 3d tv tech better, sorry

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