Namco Bandai wants to know what PSone Classics you want to see

Scrawl: "Namco Bandai, publishers of the Tales and Tekken franchises, wants to know what PSone Classics and PC Engine titles you want to see on the PlayStation Store."

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sinncross2989d ago


Please... Namco Bandai must put all of them on!

piroh2989d ago

Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3
Digimon World 3

RageAgainstTheMShine2989d ago

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack remastered in HD!
Kamen Rider V3 please its one of the best fighting games on PS1!!!!

PS2 Mobile Suit Gundam Collection games remastered in HD
Tekken 3 also

zeeshan2989d ago

Ok this is strange and totally off topic in a way. I mean I know this news is related to Namco Bandai but all I can think of are Sega games!!! I want to see sequels of old Sega games!! lol

vsr2989d ago

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddd dddddddgggggggggggeeeeeeeeee Raaaaaaaaaaaaacerrrrrrrrrrrrrr rr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SaiyanFury2989d ago

Contrary to ClownBelt's statement, I have a few to offer. Tales of Destiny, and Tales of Eternia, known in the west as Tales of Destiny 2. The original was the game that brought the series to me, and I love it as one of my fave original PS traditional RPGs. ToD2 (Eternia) I also loved all the way to the final boss. I have the PSP version released in Europe, and I love it. Get with the market, Namco. We traditional JRPG lovers want these games on PSN!

PlainOldGamer2989d ago

Silly Namco Bandai. I think what we all REALLY want is Tales Of Vesperia PS3. Make it happen :)

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masterofpwnage2989d ago

i think devs should be like this. ask the people.

TheTeam062989d ago

All of them.

Just dump them all in there, guys. I'll sort through it when I have time.

Myst2989d ago

Tales of Destiny II I'd buy that the moment it gets released. Still one of my favorites after all this time.

nemesis enforcer2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere (Japanese version of 2 cds), all Ridge Racers, Tekken 3, Starblade Alpha, Cybersled, the Time Crisis, Soul Calibur, Star Ixiom, Ace Combat 2...

Quagmire2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )


rustyspoon802989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Cybersled...that was the first game I got on PS1 (along with Mortal Kombat 3). Good times.

Information Minister2989d ago

You must thinking of Soul Blade. Soul Calibur was on the Dreamcast.

I would really like to see Ridge Racer Revolution on PSN. First game I ever played on a Playstation. Or better yet, an HD remake with improved graphics but the same content, gameplay and sound. Total fan service.

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