Alan Wake Is Better When You're Afraid of the Dark

Mitchell explains how his fears usually turn him off of most "scary" games, but in the case of Alan Wake, they enhanced his experience. This is the first of several pieces Mitchell's writing for in the coming weeks as he tries out for a staff spot.

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2901d ago
RedRingRedemption2901d ago

bitmob's awesome! good article

ActionBastard2901d ago

When does Alan Wake get scary? I'm only on Episode 4, waking up to the doctor you punch in the face earlier in the game. Thus far, ain't. But still a damn good game.

Neurotoxin2901d ago

Dont remember playing many games when i was 5!

SOAD2901d ago

You guys think Alan Wake is scary when you play in the dark? Try playing Dead Space. Alan Wake is more thriller than horror.

Kurt Russell2900d ago

True, I found it tense and enjoyed it... but not terrifying like Dead space.

xxchicago33xx2900d ago

I agree, I wasn't was more like anxiety with AW. Dead Space on the other hand made me uncomfortable...both are amazing games in the genre

Cloudberry2900d ago

I agree.

I've played Alan Wake and frankly...

It's not that scary......... : l

Although I admit, the shadow enemies, the poltergeists, the crows, etc, have good game-play designs.

But Necromorphs (Dead Space), ghosts (Fatal Frame), Japanese zombie villagers (Siren), Silent Hill creatures & others have more "scary factor" than Alan Wake...

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