More leaked pictures from SWTOR beta

The leaked images from the closed Star Wars: The Old Republic beta is beginning to rain in at a fast rate. There are now two more new leaked screenshots coming from the SWTOR beta: one coming from character creation and the other coming from the player stat screen. Check for yourself!

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kevnb2902d ago

how the heck can I get in the beta?

GameZenith2902d ago

I do not know, I know it is closed however.

I think there was an annoucement that they are accpeting request for the closed beta. This was done months ago and I believe they selected some of the first responses.

DeathMetal2902d ago

on the old republic website then cross your fingers i guess.

GameZenith2902d ago

Even if you register, I think the list is already full. But it is worth trying.

moparful992902d ago

You register at, by the way they have stated that they are still adding people to the beta so there's a chance to get in still. You have to do a system scan first to see if your system is up to snuff..

e-p-ayeaH2902d ago

looks great for an MMO and considering its a beta it amazes me.

DJKGBYF2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

The stuff that is being shown is from a closed beta from June 29 to July 1st. It took place on Korriban, you could be a Sith Warrior or a Sith Inquisitor.

freediro2902d ago

for the love of, insert mystical being, why hasn't this been announced to be Mac compatible!!!?

tmoss7262902d ago

Because gaming on Macs is terrible. The market base of gamers on Macs is nothing compared to that on PC. And BioWare specifically said they haven't even talked about releasing it on anything besides PC.

GrilledCheeseBook2902d ago

wouldn't worry
it'll probably show up on mac few months to year after launch
if not then shit dual-boot maybe
buy a cheap laptop and a cheap mouse

Chnswdchldrn2902d ago

that doesnt look like a jedi knight!