Game Revolution: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review (360)

GR: "Anyone who’s put time into playing online military shooters has a pretty strong bias against snipers. They’re the jerks who camp in the most obnoxiously out-of-the-way places, and they’re the ones for whom we save our choicest, most colorful language because we’re convinced that only “noobs” play as snipers and don’t really know how to play."

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EAistheDEVIL2902d ago

Unfortunately, humans want things to be easy...we seem to dislike a challenge as a generality. Games, sadly, are built to the lowest common denominator. It can be reasonably assumed that the proliferation of cheapness in shooters reflects demand. Gamers must be asking for it. Well, you cheap, no-skill bastards can have this one. I have no interest in invisible snipers.

dizzleK2901d ago

4 hour campaign? on hard (the way its meant to be played) it took me an hour to beat the first level alone.