150° Heavy Rain Plot Holes Counter-Argument

Heavy Rain Plot Holes counter-argument to another site's editor's posting. A really nice article laying out both sides of the story and really clearing up a lot of questions within Heavy Rain.

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KILLERAPP2903d ago

Very good list from an awesome game…

Hacker2902d ago

Awesome well that depends on whom your saying that too......i didn't purchase Heavy Rain because it was a QTE so therefor not awesome to me.

FangBlade2902d ago

You didnt purchase Heavy Rain because you dont have enough money to buy a PS3.

mrv3212902d ago

You didn't purchase Heavy Rain because your Jaded and don't own a PS3.

And it's not a simplistic shooter thriving off it's fan base.

120FPS2902d ago

Well I did purchase it and behind all the fancy looks and decent story line, the gameplay is...... well there is no gameplay its just pressing buttons and shaking the pad about

thebudgetgamer2902d ago

you just described almost every video game, i know where you're coming from though.

GrieverSoul2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Question 15. How in the hell does Shelby fund all of this high-concept murdering? Not only does he own the warehouse complex, but he apparently helped set Paco up in business as a nightclub owner.

Holy sh**!!! Didnt anyone played the game?! Its that guy Paco from the Black lagoon that gives it to him in return for favors back in the old days! He helped Paco not on a money thing but rather in "I keep the cops away" thing.

redsquad2902d ago

You didn't purchase HEAVY RAIN, ergo your so-called deconstruction of it's gameplay is invalid and flawed.

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Xof2902d ago

Ever since the game's release, the chief criticism has been "look at all these plot-holes!" And the chief defense has been, "lolno, they're not really plot holes at all!"

Because, you know, the narrative quality and structure are both so utterly FLAWLESS. Honestly, the only game this gen that's handled storytelling worse than Heavy Rain was Dragon Age, and even then, we're splitting hairs.

OSU_Gamer2902d ago

This guy can mentally fill those plot holes all he wants. They are still plot holes.

The game was still awesome though. Its allowed to have criticisms. God forbid the game is not perfect.

Rocket Sauce2902d ago

Saying, "Madison's a journalist, so she knows everybody ever," is a big cop-out.

How hard would it have been to pass that information on to the player earlier in the game?

nikkisixx22902d ago

Their is always gonna be plot holes in a game if you search for them. But this is a good list.


Well, no plot holes anymore.

cjflora2902d ago

Tons of movies have them if you go back and think about them. I mean The Sixth Sense is a highly acclaimed movie, but I can go back and list tons of plot holes or illogical things that occurred if he were "dead the whole time". <-- Sorry to anyone if this was somehow a spoiler after all of these years.

earbus2902d ago

I will get this eventually i owe it to qauntic dream for giving the gift of omikron the nomad soul man i loved that game.

Newtype2902d ago

I like how one of their first trophies praises you for buying the game to support a new game type.

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