Hey look, Hideo Kojima is meeting with Microsoft OMG MEGATON

Andriasang: The guy in the flowery shirt is Kojima. The guy next to him in the suit and white shirt is Microsoft's chief Xboxer, Takashi Sensui.

Wrote Kojima: "Today, we had a lunch meeting with Microsoft."

That is all... move along... nothing to see here

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ClownBelt2780d ago

Something is definitely going on here...Maybe the 360 will get an exclusive stuff for Rising?

GreenRingOfLife2780d ago ShowReplies(11)
Jamegohanssj52780d ago

They do anything for hits now.


blitz06232780d ago

I thought this was gamesthirst

evrfighter2780d ago

title sounds like it was written by a butthurt fanboy.

morganfell2780d ago

Kojima is producing a game that his company is bringing to the 360 called Metal Gear Solid Rising and people are surprised.

Information Minister2779d ago

Actually, Kojima is developing 2 games for the 360: Rising and Castlevania. And people are still surprised!

Eamon2779d ago

Actually he isn't developing for Castlevania. He's just assisting them with ideas.

He's also executive producer for Metal Gear Solid Rising.

TotalPS3Fanboy2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Microsoft couln't refuse...

The Deal:

Microsoft will have to fund a new PS3 exclusive game or else Kojima will pull Rising from the 360.

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IdleLeeSiuLung2780d ago

They must have some good relationship, MS and Kojima... keep hearing about them meeting up, but for what?

Shang-Long2780d ago

wasting money on something that could be used for a new stuido or IP

DFresh2780d ago

Who cares MGS: Rising isn't even being made by Kojima anymore.

KingKiff2780d ago

Can you hear me... Snake? SNAKE!?! SSSNNNNAAAAAAAAKKKEEEE!!!!!!!!

KingKiff2780d ago

You disgaree with what, SNAKE???

Spydiggity2780d ago

that they are just friends?

Bobbykotickrulesz2779d ago

"that they are just friends?"

lol that was a retarded thing to say.

Spydiggity2779d ago

it was supposed to be. subtlety isn't a concept understood easily by Major Jack Hoff (or 5 other people apparently)

Bobbykotickrulesz2779d ago

Oh, forgive us for not being able to siphon sarcasm out of your completely unsarcastic post.

Spydiggity2779d ago

It was less about sarcasm and more about playing devil's advocate.

btw, how's that 'being a prick' thing workin out for ya?

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tinybigman2780d ago

if he had lunch with them or not. if they do a timed exclusive i don't care i'm still buying the game for PS3 as i've played all the other MGS games on playstation.

pimpmaster2780d ago

sorry guys but kojima is wearing one of the gayest shirts ive ever seen in my life. OMG, maybe thats why theres so many gay refrences in MGS games.....:O

MisterNiwa2779d ago

Oh you desperate fanboys.

You know, Hideo Kojima is vice president of Konami, so its just a UHH DUHH that he meets with Microsoft.

moparful992779d ago

Lol it's probably microsoft attempting to buy kojima out. They know that kojima makes epic content and they are just trying to wrangle in content for themselves.. Hopefully kojima doesn't buy into this bull and sticks with what he knows best.

AAACE52779d ago

This picture is on file at the FBI and it has a tagline... THE MICROSOFT KINECTION!

LOL, just kidding!

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George Sears2780d ago

Deed ju rike teh lunch Kojima?


PirosThe4th2780d ago

lol at his forced smile... I don't even think he likes being i there LMAO!

Prcko2780d ago

buhahaha,i didn't loled so hard since watching only fools and horses hahahahaha

caladbolg7772780d ago

Yeah, what this guy said... times a thousand!

N4PS3G2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

if Kojima eats with the boss of MS japan then everyone goes " uuuuu they're eating! so what? or site is desperate for hits!!"

if kojima eats with Yoshida everyone goes " OMG!! They're signing MGS5 exclusivity deal!! "

haha never change N4G ;)

Natsu X FairyTail2780d ago

You always speak the truth hommie. Here's a bubble +

RememberThe3572780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I wouldn't say "always." But his statement is too true. This is most likely a business lunch, maybe something to do with Rising.

Nothing wrong with strengthening business relationships.

BlackBusterCritic2780d ago

I've had hoards of laughs on this site. I love it. And I'm sure Kojima isnt doing nothing too big with Microsoft. After all, he did say he was tired of working with people with NO PASSION. XD


yewles12780d ago

Aww, can't stand the current norm now. There, there...

Prcko2780d ago

finaly someone who is normal here
people think that 1 lunch gonna bring uberomgwtfpwngame EXCLUSIVELY to xbx lol

morventhus2780d ago

yah its sad..... if anything its to get zoe 3 as a multiplat .... awww who am i kidding pipe dreams?