Killzone 3's New Controls Make it Like Every Other FPS...

RespawnAction says, "Well it seems that the constant bickering from the Call of Duty boys have made Guerrilla Games conform and change the control scheme in Killzone 3 to appease the whiners. I may sound harsh, but this news really upset me. With Killzone 3's new control scheme pretty much wiping out the existence of the one found on KZ2, it sounds like Killzone 3 will play just like every other first person shooter out there."

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CoffeewithChess2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

entire campaign, and some of the multiplayer as well.
I just had to adjust and get used to the controls in the game, that's all. I didn't think they were horrible.

That's an interesting quote you had in the article though.

piroh2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

if i remember correctly, in KZ2 you can change settings of speed cursor. i think this will be in KZ3 too

anyway KZ3 won't be stereotype because of revolutionary graphics, 3D, PS Move, white hellish atmosphere, melee attacks, jetpacks, space level as well as jungle or snow or factories, futuristic unannounced weapons....

SOAD2594d ago

I'm looking forward to KZ3 as much as anyone here, but melee attacks, jetpacks, space levels, jungle levels, snow levels, and 3D all exist in other shooters.

What will set KZ3 apart is the epic warzone feels which other games don't do. Other games like Halo or COD have small, frequently occurring skirmishes and shootouts. KZ3 enhances and increases the scale of battles to give it the battle feel that other shooters lack.

bjornbear2594d ago

KZ2 stuck out with just grey dark gritty very linear levels alone, and thats hard enough to do.

the ice level alone looks completely distinguishable in graphical prowess and style, just IMAGINE what more they have in store for us =O i mean, i remember hoping that jungles would in in KZ3 simply because they will be Helgan jungles = insane

honestly I have no idea what to expect, im 100% hooked on upcoming news simply because i wonder what else hides around the corner

ForceCSW2594d ago

It simply states that the controls were made to feel smoother and more responsive. The author then goes on a whiny tirade making up facts and comparisons as he goes along. Personally I'm all for more responsive controls.

Conloles2594d ago

Its a shame the game won't handle like every other FPS its guns are way too heavy

MerkinMax2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I agree on everything you said but the scale aspect. Halo is well known for large scale battles as seen in this video. I do agree though that scale was something Killzone 2 lacked but did move toward later in the game. These large environments and larger skirmishes will make an already solid game even better.

bruddahmanmatt2594d ago

The controls sucked at launch but Guerilla did a good job of addressing the complaints and finding a good balance. I liked the weighted controls and the fact that everything wasn't COD hair trigger quick but I hated the huge dead zones in the analog sticks. That being said, the weighted controls give the game a slower more tactical feel. I definitely became more fond of the game after the second "high precision" control patch which eliminated the dead zones but kept the weighted feel was released.

zeeshan2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It is way early to bitc* about controls. Who is to say GG won't give us an option of having more weighty controls? Then you have nothing to worry about. If you are a COD-like controls maniac, you'll have that and if you prefer the old KZ2 style, you won't have to get adjusted with the new more responsive controls. Seriously, the author needs to get a freggin' life!

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ABizzel12594d ago

They shouldn't have cahnged it completely. Personally I didn't mind the controls, although when I tried to play the game again later it was a little hard getting back into them. If anything they should have tweaked the fell, but not flat out change it.

orakga2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Don't you think that alone is proof that the controls are flawed? Controls should make it EASY for you to do what you want to do, not take another learning curve once you take a break.

aaron58292594d ago

I always say...

Just because you cant control it, does not mean the controls suck.


ABizzel12594d ago


How many games can you pick up the controller and just start playing. Pretty much 90%

So it was refreshng to have to learn something for once. And it wasn't really the controls it was gettin use to the feel of the game. The weight, taking cover, etc... It's been over a year.

mastiffchild2594d ago

It's a matter of a game's ID. There are a ton of good pick up and play shooters and KZ2 wasn't one of them and I thought it was refreshing to have a game that catered for a different taste but people seem to want EVERY shooter to be the damn same and the amount of moaning from people who only wanted to kill time between COD releases is what killed this series for me.

Nobody complained about the controls in the beta(best one I've ever been in , tbh)and there WAS a space for KZ2 while it was a bit different but another shooter aping COD(which is what I fear might happen)controls like a billion others? I'm not so sure as pretty alone doesn't make a game or build a community. I just think they might be preaching to the wrong crowd and might have a better chance, y'know, listening to a few of the people who LIKED their last game. COD die hards aren't leaving COD any time soon if they weren't put off by the way we were treated last launch time so what GG think they're doing I have no idea.

Sometimes it's nice to have a learning curve as with Halo and COD you sometimes feel that you're as good as you're getting after a few days(unless you happen to be incredible , imho)as it's dead easy to be pretty good at those games while KZ2 took a bit of learning and , to me and many others, that was the most refreshing thing about GG's last effort. hopefully they won't lose the weight or the ID of the game but I'm not too hopeful even if nothing's set in stone and we'll have to try for ourselves anyway but I just don't need to buy another run and gun game as there's already bloody thousands if that's how i'm feeling.

Why throw away what makes you special? It's like a young Sinatra having his vocal chords removed so he can sing through his throat tracheotomy style!

redsquad2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Thing is, KILLZONE 2 was the only FPS I played for pretty much the whole year - When I finally went back to MODERN WARFARE (the first one) I found it practicaly unplayable. Not MW's fault, I just had to "adjust back" to it.
Adapting to new games styles after being used to another DOESN'T mean the newer game is 'flawed'.

nickjkl2594d ago

i muse be like some kind of god then

becuase i played modern warfare 2 and killzone 2 and was able to adjust quickly to the controls it was

but i was better with killzone 2 when i started than i was with modern warfare 2

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Darkstorn2594d ago

I liked Killzone 2's controls. I hope the changes made to Killzone 3's controls still manage to replicate the feel of its predecessor.

rdgneoz32594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I loved the controls. It not being a COD clone with weapons feeling like they had actual weight was fun.

Edit: Weapons do have weight IRL. Tell me you can jump around with some of the huge machine guns or rocket launchers and swing them around like they're as light as a feather, then you can disagree.

orakga2594d ago

Two problems with KZ2's controls:

1) Pistols feel as "heavy" as a rocket launcher. Noone has yet to provide a sensible explanation to this obviously inconsistent implementation. (if the feel was different from weapon-to-weapon, then I'd buy their explanation; but it's not and it's proof that the "heavy" argument is just a cover-up for poor programming)

2) Having used both pistols and rifles IRL, I can tell you the "heavy" feel is complete BS. If anything, it's less realistic because a well-balanced gun does not force the user to drag its point all over the place. Try using an M-16, aiming left and right with it and see if it's easier IRL or in KZ2. You'd be pleasantly surprised.

Hallucinate2594d ago

1) consistincy you cant have all your main gun be take a little effort to move then switch to your pistol in an emergency only to be get completly disorintated thus cause you to miss your shot

2) and idk or care really

UnSelf2594d ago

this is the biggest generation of whiners i have ever witnessed.

idk y but in a few years i think gamers are gonna want the game to play itself

APOFISBORICUA2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

Now wathc everybody complains about the new controls and whine about just being a Call of Duty clone. A Question for GG: Do you expect KZ3 to sell better if you Call of Dutysize the controls? I really think is the contrary , you will loose some KZ2 fans. Whatever Im going to buy it and its my most anticipated FPS.

I feel a little sorry for the change, its like when you like this hard metal band and wait like forever for their next album and when you bought it and listened to it the band you loved changed the essence of the music hoping to attract some MTV fans.


EDIT: I remembered how everybody whines about Resistannce: Fall of Man graphics being too brown and not have much color. IMSOMNIAC listened and R2 graphics were more colorfull...then everybody whines again about the graphics being to colorfull and cartoony.

Theres no way you could please people... my grandma said: " Its like a whore, if you forced her to make love she cries, but if you go away she screams". Its better in spanish...LOL!


Odin7772594d ago

I'm thinking Killzone 3 probably won't be a floaty twitch fest like Call of Duty...but I hope they don't add auto-aim of any kind I want my head shots to be mine alone.

mike90772594d ago

halo wtf that game isnt run and gun? more like jump and gun

BkaY2594d ago

major complain was ... "OMG KZ2 controls sux balls.. thts why iiisss didnt buys itss"...

ok they "fix" the controls now... so whats your next excuse to bash killzone3 ... eh xbox fanbois..


Tachyon_Nova2594d ago

The author of the article is a massive extremist. How can anyone try to claim that simply by changing the feel of the controls, the tactics and teamwork aspect of kz2 won't be present in kz3?

"The game just won't have that factor that differentiates it from the rest of the party." Are you seriously trying to suggest that the sole defining factor of KZ2 was that it's controls felt different to other games?

Fans of the game should be deeply offended by this article, and it's ridiculous claims.

tinybigman2594d ago

they said the original control scheme will still be there along with new scheme for those who want to run & gun. so those who love the original controls (like i do) don't have to worry.

kneon2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I like the existing controls and have already bitched about the upcoming COD-friendly controls. But I think that perhaps I know why they've done this and it has nothing to do with all the whiny noobs that couldn't cope with the old controls.

KZ3 supports move which offers 1-1 lag free control. How do you add a weighty feel to such a control mechanism? You can't without screwing up the whole 1-1 tracking. It would not be pointing where you think you are pointing which would make move look bad. So it looks like KZ3 will be more responsive than COD, Halo etc. and I can't blame the COD whiners, it's all Moves fault.

FragGen2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

I for one am sick of having to rewire my muscle memory for every new FPS.

As an adult hardcore gamer, my time is limited enough as it is, when I'm trying to get decent at an FPS, I pretty much have to forsake any other FPS that has a different control scheme. (This is why I quit MAG cold turkey after the numbers on the servers dropped, I needed to focus on BFBC2 expertise).

So, IMHO, standardization is the SECOND best thing they could do. FIRST would be full customization ala KZ1 on PS2 (and virtually every game that has ever existed on the PC).

These games all have very similar controls and tactics so the more standardization and customization the devs implement the better.

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Pandamobile2595d ago

I wouldn't mind this as an option, to be honest. The wacky controls were what really made KZ2 different from other FPS games.

Darkstorn2594d ago

...and the jaw-dropping graphics, and the excellent multiplayer...

Pandamobile2594d ago

There's lots of games with good graphics and good multiplayer. Those aren't exclusive to Killzone 2...

pixelsword2594d ago (Edited 2594d ago )

It isn't exclusive to Killzone 2, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a better looking one than Killzone 2.