Square Enix in 2010: President Wada Speaks

In this interview, he discusses his company's overall strategy, his view toward integrating companies into a whole and the possibilities of more acquisitions by Square Enix, and the current state of game development in Japan, as troubled as it is, among other topics.

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lomion52752d ago

I suppose I understand what he is seeking to accomplish from a business perspective, that is, if you are weak in an area then aquire talent spcifically for that area. However, I used to buy games simply because Square made them. Now, I am skeptical of every SE game I hear about. It seems like maybe they thought they could sell better outside of Japan, and then instead of maybe bringing in new talent to make a new IP to do that, they used existing talet to best cater to the West and called it a Final Fantasy. I dunno. It just seems they've compromised instead of grown. Thoughts?

Godmars2902747d ago

No one wants to hear from Wada at this point. Especially if its about another FF.

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