Kinect Not to Debut China

Because of policy restriction, Kinect, controller-free gaming and entertainment experience equipment developed by Microsoft Corporation, will not be introduced into China, like video game console Xbox 360, reiterated Michel Van Der Bel, COO of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.

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Quagmire2927d ago

Wait, what? They never sold PS2 in china? WTF!

TheTeam062927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yeah, part of China's strict rulings, I guess.

I don't think it's too big a deal for Kinect, anyways. I wouldn't imagine it doing that well out there. Half of the games probably wouldn't even reach China.

Bereaver2927d ago

Well, I could see it arriving in Hong Kong (because all systems are legal and sell able there) But, in mainland China, yeah, there are many restrictions.

That doesn't mean that you won't be able to find them here. I'm sure when Kinect is released that 90% of the game stores will have one. It just won't be official, nor will it be legal (but who cares! as they all say).

Anyway, yeah, I dream of the day that the ps3 gets a China server lol.

Shang-Long2927d ago

they should had japan to that list..

nahh im joking lol

me_p2927d ago

it would have written "Made in China" all over it..

JasonXE2927d ago

it's being manufacture there :-D

002927d ago

That's quite weird if you think about it.

KingKiff2927d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that one made me laugh.

We can build it here but you had better not sell a single one or else!

NarooN2927d ago

"Not to debut China"

People who submit stuff to this site really need to learn proper English first.

BiggCMan2927d ago

he didnt misspell anything. he just forgot one small word thats all, some people are just so uptight huh? well were not all perfect.

N4PS3Fanboys2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

He could have at least double-checked the most important part of his submission; the title!

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