Mafia II's PS3-Exclusive Vendetta Detailed

GI: One of the interesting news bits at Sony's E3 press conference was the announcement that 2K Games' Mafia II was getting exclusive content. Can you get a 100 headshots?

The trophy list for the DLC called Jimmy's Vendetta paints a quick portrait of what the DLC is about, and it's what you'd expect from Mafia II: There's a guy named Jimmy involved, and there's plenty of killing and driving.

PS3's exclusive Mafia II DLC comes out the day the game is released, which is currently scheduled for August 24.

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Quagmire2710d ago

What's this? PS3 Exclusive Content? Quick, add it to the list of reasons why PS3 is better than 360!


lol, jokes. I own both consoles, love em equally, like i would my own children if they were more fun to play with.

ClownBelt2710d ago

PS3 owners don't roll that way. Couldn't say the same about the other console fanboys though.

PoSTedUP2710d ago

"love em equally" dude what are you from the partridge family or something? do be such a square, be cool and pick a side you wimp! you people make me sick.. jk : P

vsr2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I feel sorry for the poor uneducated/brainwashed people, who are willing to pay $60 for a "DVD"

Darkstorn2710d ago

This exclusive Mafia II content is a feature worth mentioning. It also happens that it is only available on the PS3.

writersblock2710d ago

Has fun with the USB ports on both

hybridtheory122710d ago

Yes. I will be getting this version. Same for AC brotherhood... Id say Dead Space and Medal of Honor as well but I dont have THAT much money. Its about time ps3 had the better multiplat game

Darkstorn2710d ago

It's good to see the PS3's power taken advantage of in the multiplatform arena. It was disheartening to see multiplatform games look almost identical between consoles, especially when devs can exploit the PS3's power to deliver a superior experience to that of the 360.

John Kratos2710d ago

Looks like I'm getting it for ps3 then.

bjornbear2710d ago

for me. not like I have a choice. Sucks a$$ =( wish i could get the version without DLC. I hate extra stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.