Which way do you play: Regular or Inverted?

Let this be the end all poll on joystick users. Which do you use: Regular or Inverted? Vote inside and help us determine life’s greatest answered question.

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Darkstorn2997d ago

I'm an inverted guy. My first 'true' console game was Mechassault (I was strictly a PC gamer until then), so I can definitely say I'm used to the look inversion. I realize we inverted gamers are in the minority, but who else is in my camp?

Theonik2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Inverted ftw.
(Watch how i get disagrees for that. :P)
Edit: See? didn't take long. xD

fossilfern2997d ago

Im inverted too !!!! it was because of goldeneye that i got used to inverted :D

PoSTedUP2997d ago

i play inverted, its good to see im not alone. endless hours of redfaction2 split screen with bots helped me perfect my inverted skills.

Darkstorn2997d ago

I think it tends to be newer console gamers who favor 'normal' aiming. Many older shooters had inverted aiming as standard.

NecrumSlavery2997d ago

I was trained inverted from the N64 days, but I switched to regular during my addiction to Jedi Knight II Outcast. I still invert for flight.

krisq2997d ago

But I'm able to play both ways. Adjust takes me 1 minute.

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SantistaUSA2997d ago

I'm inverteded also! I've tried to play the other way, but it's impossible for me! lol

Oner2997d ago

Said this the other day but will post it here ~

Sorry but Up is Up and Down is Down for everything but Flying Games for me personally. I look at it this way ~ if you use a controller or mouse to move a cursor on a screen towards something in the upper right hand corner you move/push/aim the controller stick OR mouse to the upper right hand corner. Imagine how annoying and difficult it is or would be using a mouse with the Y axis inverted!

Now I am not trying to crap on people who use inverted Y for Shooters...that's the way they like it or are comfortable with it. Cool! But I can't see how using a mouse that way would be easier...thus for me it's a no go. I don't even want to think about how an inverted Y would work on Move, Wii or Kinect!

TheoreticalParticle2997d ago

"Imagine how annoying and difficult it is or would be using a mouse with the Y axis inverted!"

It's not difficult at all. I play all my PC shooters (first, not third) with the mouse inverted.

Oner2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

That would make my head explode for anything but Flying Games! I just can't wrap my brain around doing so in an FPS since as I described if you are say on a web page and want to "point" at something on the upper right hand portion of the screen you would move the cursor in the same direction not in reverse for up/down.

I could understand how/why those who use inverted Y may do so (as it works for them in a game) but when I look at it by a User on a Web Page stand point or in an Operating System Desktop environment (outside of gaming, shooter, flyers etc) it just seems so odd. Actually I think you kind of mis-quoted me TheoreticalParticle, as I didn't mean what you quoted as for an in game setting but as what I described just now and my next question to you...

Do you only use that setup for gaming or for everyday use on your computer/web browsing as well? Because that would be downright maddening to me, LoL!

Edit: See that is what is odd to me after I re-read what you said about only using it in FPS's but not TPS's! It's the same way! o_O LoL!?!? Man, I'm getting a head ache thinking about this conundrum!

PoSTedUP2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

you cant wrap your brain around it because it is inferior >: )~ jk.

i use it only for gaming with a controller, just got use to it that way and feel that i perform better in shooters.

down is up and up is down all mf day!

thor2997d ago

I used to play exclusively with inverted controls... but some games I could never be bothered to switch it and then I just got used to it. I can happily go from one game with inverted controls to another with regular controls now. After a while it just sinks in and I think about the game and forget about whatever control scheme I am using.

ryhanon2997d ago

Yeah, inverted for me too. It just makes more sense to me, you tilt your head back to look up, tilt your head forward to look down - mirroring the motions of an inverted stick.

PoSTedUP2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

hey thats a great way to look at it, never thought of that. but then again the only way i can look up in real life is by imagining a giant thumb on the top of my head moving around. hehe.

PoSTedUP2997d ago

hey thats a great way to look at it, never thought of that. but then again the only way i can look up in real life it by imagining a giant thumb on the top of my head moving around. hehe.

Qui-Gon Jim2997d ago

Also, long before I ever played an FPS, i played a flight sim. Inverted just made more sense then for games with a similar perspective.

garos822997d ago

in the hind d fight in mgs1. i always find it strange that im the only one from my friends who game at my house that inverts the y axis.

joydestroy2997d ago

i'm with you, my friend. inverted here as well. we are definitely a minority

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dondo2997d ago

I grew up inverted but I have no idea where I picked it up. I'd go back in a time machine just to find out.

smash-brother-102997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

I grew up using inverted, but I now use it regular, I have no idea as to when or why I changed, seem to remember playing timesplitters 2 with inverted controls though

rroded2997d ago

a lot more pc users use it still.

subzero-082997d ago

I always play regular. The only times I play inverted is when I'm piloting something.

HeroXIV2997d ago

Even as a child I couldn't get into inverted controls. Regular just makes sense to me.

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