G4TV: Daily Reacharound: Is Call of Duty: Black Ops an Instant Buy?

G4TV: The buzz so far on Call of Duty: Black Ops is surprisingly strong. I didn't get around to playing Call of Duty: World at War, but I won't be missing out on Treyarch's return to the franchise.

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gtsentry3079d ago

more like day 1 buy for shooters

deadreckoning6663079d ago

I really want it, but I know Activision will charge ridiculous prices for map packs.

Terarmzar3079d ago

for me no. for other possibly
all that happens when i play any call of duty game is get pissed off

Pumbli3079d ago

Treyarch and dedicated servers ftw.

Now this is a studio that listens to it's fans.

Black Ops is a day 1 buy for me, it's one of the first games I plan on getting both on PC and PS3. (same day)

Wasn't there a rumor of a Vietnamese zombie mode? We can only wait and see...

Man I'm psyched! :P