What Can Motion Controls Do for Disabled Gamers?

Bitmob: Sharing a weekend with my mentally handicapped sister as she completely dominated at a Wii Sports Resort got me thinking: maybe motion controls can be good for gaming.

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Paul_Gale2903d ago

In addition to being a video game journalist, I'm also a personal trainer. Some of my clients are physically disabled, and for exercise/entertainment, I've recommended many in the past to pick up a Wii with Wii Fit, etc. Now they'll even have more at their disposal with Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation Move. Nintendo started a great thing for the disabled and I tip my hat off to them.

Sadie21002903d ago

That's pretty cool. Do you have them use resistance bands or weights or anything to play normal games like Wii Fit, just for added physical benefit?

Tolkoto2903d ago

I never really thought about this topic. Good piece.

Rich16312903d ago

I know, right? It never crossed my mind.

KILL-ALL-CURE2902d ago

I wonder if Kinect requires hands....