Why Microsoft Are Losing The Exclusives Battle

Gaming Union: "At E3 2008, Square Enix’s Yoichi Wada shocked the gaming world. Taking to the stage at Microsoft's press conference, he announced that the latest in a series long associated with PlayStation would no longer be exclusive to Sony. Final Fantasy XIII was hitting Xbox 360.

It was a huge surprise, perhaps E3 2008's only true megaton, an increasingly rare phenomena for an event beset by pre-show leaks. Comments threads and forums around the world exploded with rage."

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Jack Klugman2932d ago

went to click on the article and then WOT popped up telling me that this site has poor ratings and should be avoided.

i will take the news as such. now excuse me while I go back to crackdown 2.

FENDR2932d ago

because there to busy promoting fake animals and a camera with the technology that has been done since the ps2

blackbeld2932d ago

'Microsoft Are Losing The Exclusives Battle'


In better words..

Microsoft Are Losing The Overall Battle.

They should keep focus on the software.

Windows 7 is still very slow compared to Linux or OSX Leopard.


Haha! It's sad that you're stuck playing Crackdown 2, AKA the poor man's inFamous.

vsr2931d ago

It's good to abandon the xbox segment, & integrate xbox live to windows live. Consumers will definitely appreciate(support) & Gamers can see QUALITY 3rd party games

All gamers want Quality game. So gamers = FTW !

Selyah2932d ago

Actually the site provides good content.

starchild2932d ago

There are lots of good exclusives on the 360. I don't know how Microsoft does it, but somehow every year I still find lots of exclusives on my 360 that I want to play.

I do think that Microsoft could benefit from getting a few more studios under its belt making games exclusively for the 360, but all in all they have done pretty well with their few studios and by partnering up with 3rd party developers. For example, I can't wait to see the new exclusive that Crytek is making for the 360.

ReservoirDog3162932d ago

Well, last year I bought 1 game for my 360: GTA IV episodes. This year I got ME2. Probably gonna buy Alan Wake later this year.

I suppose that's an improvement over last year in terms of exclusives.

ME2 was really worth it though.

Foliage2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

"the PS3's lifespan will be longer than its rivals"

The truth hurts little xBiebers

360 is about to quit this generation, since they can't keep losing like they have.

A year head-start can't help too much, when you have no games.

MadMan002932d ago

Only a Ps3 fanboy would say something like that, GTFO noob.

Took 3 years for Ps3 to catch up, about damn time.

darkside2932d ago

well if you think about it the xbox 360 got a year head start.. please do research because opening your dumb mouth.

lelo2play2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Since Microsoft hasn't got many 1st party studios, I'm actually surprised with how many exclusives the x360 is getting this generation... but it would be smart if Microsoft acquired more 1st party studios.

SaberEdge2932d ago

I agree with you. You summed up my feelings perfectly.

I like the PS3 and 360 about equally, but the 360's biggest weakness is Microsoft's unwillingness to invest in more first party studios.

rdgneoz32932d ago

MS uses its money to get content, some exclusives from 3rd party companies and to make ps3 exclusives go multi-platform. Sony uses its money to buy companies to make exclusives for it and a bit of extra content from 3rd party studios. Many third party companies are going the way of multi-platform gaming, so it'll eventually come down to which company has more / better exclusives.

Gamerbee2931d ago

I can safely say.. F*CK Miscrosoft.

That is all.

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Hardedge2932d ago

Now that you mention it, those are pretty much the only exclusives that I can think of atm. Big ones anyway.

NYC_Gamer2932d ago

well 360 owners dont really care about exclusives long as they have multiplat shooters

SoSLy2932d ago

thats the thing, Sony is getting more support from multiplatform developers such as Valve and EA... I'll be waiting for Gears and Fable

Odion2932d ago

You could just as easily say that isn't true since EA gave them ME2 and DiCE shows them a lot of love.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Old News.

Trolling is the way Fanboys will reponse in this article. As you can see they already started.

ActionBastard2932d ago

Lack of studios, period. Nintendo and Sony certainly don't have an issue.

ReBurn2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Yep. The only way to get exclusives these days is to build them yourself or contract to bring on studios as second-party to make your exclusives.

I think Microsoft called it wrong when they assumed that it was best to release their studios and rely primarily on third parties for content. As time goes on there is less and less new content to distinguish Microsoft from their competitors.

I don't think it's too late. There are lots of creative developers out there that Microsoft could partner with. I just wish I knew what they were waiting on.

Why o why2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )



x 100

SOAD2932d ago

I think Nintendo has somewhat of an issue. They don't have many first party studios, either.

badz1492932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

they have many 1st party characters that they can milk to death and people still love them. big difference than just Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, and Sheppard and those characters are not even from M$'s own studios!