Miyamoto doesn't like Haze's drug focus

While mooching around E3 last month, Shigeru Miyamoto dropped in to see Haze, the futuristic shooter from TimeSplitters creator Free Radical. But, according to dev legend David Doak (co-founder of Free Radical and ex-Rare designer) Mr Mario wasn't too keen on all the drugs and death.

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TriggerHappy3789d ago

Miyamoto is not going to be playing Haze, I am, is goo to see what he thinks, but i could care less

marinelife93789d ago

After all the shrooms Mario has been doing?

i Shank u3789d ago

lol marine life, thats funny and true. whats miyamotos deal lately, he was ragging on halo a month ago, now hes dumping on haze. seems like hes got a case of FPS envy. prolly getting tired of re-working the same games for so long

DiLeCtioN3789d ago

why doesnt he stick with his games and leave others to theirs

Shadow Flare3789d ago

And yet Miyamoto is the one who includes magic mushrooms in his games

TLSBill3789d ago

Yeah, the mushroom king is talking about drugs in games.. Maybe if he looked into the game more, he'd know that one of the central parts of the game is that the drug (Nectar) turns out to be something bad.

MyNutsYourChin3789d ago

Well said, Shadow Flare. Very well said...

Alvadr3789d ago

Miyamoto would say that..

But look at Mario Galaxy... The design is so crazy that the devs must have been using.

sonarus3789d ago

i don't like his wii fit focus either. Its sad to see nintendo take the easy way out this generation goinf after moms and grandma's as their primary focus.

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The story is too old to be commented.