GameSpot: R.U.S.E Move Impressions

Pointing, gestures, and the light-up bauble have all been integrated in Ubisoft's World War II strategy game.

While we've already seen what Ubisoft's upcoming WWII-themed strategy game R.U.S.E. looks like when played on a $20,000 touch-screen table, the setup is far beyond the monetary reach of mere mortals. The cheaper alternative is to use Sony's motion controller Move, which Sony announced would be supported at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. We sat down with the game's senior producer, Mathieu Girard, for a look at how the controller handles.

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whateva2927d ago

But this makes you want to play it!

Move & Sixense are the best new controllers in years

Slient Knight 92927d ago

makes you wonder if more pc strategy games could come to the ps3 like the total war series, commanding my army with the move controller in my hand that would be wicked.

colonel1792927d ago

I'm not into RTS either, but if the implementation of Move is as great as described, accurate, and "tight" I will definitely give it a try, maybe not buy the game, but I will be very interested in playing it.

Godmars2902927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Is it wrong to want these guys to get together with Bandai for a Gundum STG?

Hell, I just want to see some actual thought put into a Gundam title again. Other than fan service that is.

Jrome2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"He told us that it had been looked into, but given the issues Kinect has with players sitting down, it would be too tiring for them to stand up for the long periods of time matches can take."

Lol. That's unfortunate. It would have been cool to use kinect for this. That would make for an epic RTS experience.

It's really cool how you can just move the move controller forwards and backwards for zooming...definitely considering picking this up.

rdgneoz32927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yah, would be interesting. I heard some matches can last a few hours ("lengthy campaign matches that can take hours to complete"). Hoping they put a demo for PS3 with move controls so people can test it out.

SprSynJn2927d ago

There would be no need for the $20,000 touch table if Kinect could be implemented correctly. Then again, it wouldn't cost a measly $150 if that were the case. I too can imagine this game being very entertaining with Kinect working as it is being advertised to, but looks as though that wont be the case.

Move support is why I am now interested in this game. Definitely going to pick it up if the accuracy holds. Who needs a PC for gaming when they have Move aye?

tiamat52927d ago

R.U.S.E is just more proof of how accurate the Move is. No matter what anyone says, it is a precision tool. With the Kinect it doesn't seem to matter that much what you do or how well you do it.

rdgneoz32927d ago

Or how good the actors are using Kinect. (

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The story is too old to be commented.