More 360 price cut talk

"More scans of supposed pending advertising campaigns have appeared, supporting rumours that Microsoft is planning a Xbox 360 price cut in the US.

The pictures, taken from an unidentified publication, confirm the Premium pack at USD 349.95, add a 30 dollar drop for the Elite (to USD 449.95), and a 20 buck drop for the Core - to USD 279.95.

But as always, Microsoft is refusing to comment, and told, "We're very happy with the price we're at, and have no plans to make any changes at this time.""

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the_round_peg3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Where are the pictures mentioned in the story?

ichimaru3914d ago

can't we all kind of assume that there will be a price cut? with all these speculation ad screens and no direct denis i think its safe to say.

M1am1U3914d ago

I think it's definitely a safe bet at this point. The real question is, will there be a second price cut when the Falcon hardware comes out? Will they really push the competition and get to a $199, $299, $399 price point for the Core, Premium and Elite, respectively?

EZCheez3914d ago

But when did all of those other circulars showing the price drop go out? How long will it take for someone to say something officially?

It feels like it has been a week and that Toys R' Us circular has been seen by everyone for a while now.