Possible Locations for Uncharted 3

Jeri Klein writes...

"Since there has been no official announcement as of late, I figured the least I could do is help the developers out on possible locations for this very highly anticipated game..."

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FangBlade3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

OMG I hope it's Atlantis! it'll be amazing.

nickjkl3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

dam i was going to say this

and @ bad

its not a huge part of under water swimming sine uncharted is made of sections

one being finding the place
two being getting to the place
three destroying the place and or getting out

Army_of_Darkness3077d ago

Uncharted 3: Lost in new york!! lol! how original huh?!

vsr3076d ago

The only one country with 22 different cultures & Languages. It will suit PERFECT for 50GB bluray

Slient Knight 93077d ago

one problem he bump into kratos, and the shit hit the fan

saint_john_paul_ii3077d ago

nah, they'll join forces. Drake steals the teasure while kratos beheads his enemies.

Spenok3077d ago

Yeah, im pretty sure Pope has it right. They would be fast friends. Destroying everything in there wake. And stealing all the treasure in the process. The only problems i can see them having is who gets the girls. xD

Karl Marx3077d ago

Drake is to much of a smart ass for Kratos and him to be friends.


Drake- Sup Kratos, you do something new with your hair?

Kratos- *RAGE!!!!!!*

And they lived happily ever after

karl3077d ago

haha true..

drake's attitude would make kratos mad real easy

OpenGL3077d ago

What doesn't piss Kratos off?

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kneon3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Hold on, Atlantis and Antarctica are the same thing so that's only 3 choices :)

ReservoirDog3163077d ago

I desperately hope it's Atlantis. Too much of a chance the supernatural element would be giant spiders if it's other places like the desert. You can argue mummies but still. And I would hate* if there were spiders in one of my favorite series, let alone one of the most realistic looking series.

Atlantis would be cool though.

Quagmire3077d ago

Atlantis is stupid, how are you supposed to shoot underwater? And dont give me BS about places being air locked.

Imo, Egypt would be the definite best place. Its got everything an adventurer wants, i mean, just look at the Indiana Jones and Mummy films. Plus a few mummies here and there for the added 'supernatural' uncharted trademark effect will work quite well.

We've seen what naughty dog can so with water/jungles, then ice/snow, lets see how well they do with sand and snowstorms. it will be beautiful.

SOAD3077d ago

Do you think that's actually an issue?

gamerzBEreal173077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

i agree i mean atlantis would be cool and great if they can make it work but egypt is just so much easier i would love to fight mummies

how bout we just go to all of these places and make it a 25 plus hour game?? like drakes looking for another tresure and he whent to all of these places finding clues hell add italy and whatever else u want it can happen?

Karl Marx3077d ago

Yeah, Egypt would be a pretty rad place. With all the mysterious and ancient culture, it would be a great place for U3

Another suggestion could be Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, or Inca civilizations(where they lived)

Quagmire3076d ago

Dude, did you even play drakes fortune? There was Mayan/Aztec coming outta the ass.

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ABizzel13077d ago


I agree with you. Africa seems like the next place on the list, and Egypt is full of lore for them to exploit. The only thing is that it may be a lot like the movie "The Mummy" which isn't a bad thing since they were actually good movies. I just want new cast members, along with cameos from everyone else.

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BadCircuit3077d ago

The problem with Atlantis is that it's under water...will you have a huge portion of a game under water swimming?

Pyramids: too barren: not enough cover for shooting I think.

Same with Stonehenge...only 1 circle of rocks.

They did an amazing job of snow in Uncharted 2, but a doing it all in snow again in Antarctica (which has no buildings as far as I know) would be boring.

Nope...I think they need to go to Greece or Syria...great ruins there and a lot more scope for combat.

AlienFodder3077d ago


*The problem with Atlantis is that it's under water...will you have a huge portion of a game under water swimming? *

Not necessarily. If Nate finds a huge underwater palace/castle that's still fairly intact and water free (like a big pocket of air), then there could be plenty of room to explore without him getting wet and that's where most of the shooting could take place. In Tomb Raider: Underworld, there's an entire level like that and Lara rarely gets underwater.

gaminoz3077d ago

I agree...Syria would do nicely. Damascus, Aleppo, Crusader castle of Krak De Chevalier, ruins of Palmyra...and sand like one of the guys below suggested!

theonlylolking3077d ago

Alien artifact found that unlocks a portal to an ancient city on a abandoned alien homeworld.

redsquad3077d ago

But then the makers of STARGATE would sue!!! ;)

redsquad3077d ago

The movie where archeologists dig up an alien portal that takes soldiers to another galaxy?
The spin-off series that lasted 10 years?
The sequal series (featuring ATLANTIS on an alien world) that ran for 5 years?


inception1233077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

i am hoping it is egypt too. there are lots of myths to use for a game plus it continues to have new elements added. uc1 did the best water and plants and uc2 did the best snow it is only right for uc3 to do the best sand and wind(sand storms). if they don't do that it would also be cool if they did something completely unexpected like going to japan. they can make it like the eye of indra were drake isn't facing anything supernatural just normal criminal.

ThatCanadianGuy3077d ago

Yeah Egypt would be the bomb!

Mummies, curses, old tombs, pyramid exploring and just think how beautiful the sand would look.Considering the snow effects were insanely good.

Keltik823077d ago

Cool if they did something for like the Garden of Eden? I like what the_only_lol_king said too. You know what I really don't care just give me UC3! It will be amazing no matter what :D

Baltis3077d ago

God can your knees be any more raw than they are at the feet of Naughtydog at this moment in time?

U2 is a pretty boring game. It drags beyond belief at about chapter 19 and won't let go. I am on my 2nd run thru, by this late in release, on the 1st one, I had beaten it no less than 10 times. Easily. The 2nd one is just down right dull at times. And the entire last section of the game is just ballz boring. The Monastery and stuff and the final battle. Oh my god how lame and boring and cheap is this stuff?

I did like U2 and enjoyed it my 1st time thru but this 2nd time really took it all out of me. Thank god I started on Hard and unlocked Crushing after my 1st run thru cos' I couldn't stomach another session.

As for locations in the 3rd, anything but snow and Atlantis. Two profoundly stupid ideas. Make it a desert. More than likely, with how generic things get with follow ups and given Naughtydogs past don't for 1 second think or rule out them taking Drake back in time or into the future. Wait and see. They have done it with all their games barring the ski game they made and the Way of the Warrior game.

xX TriiCKy Xx3077d ago

Well damn, if it was that bad, why'd you play it twice? Just to be a trophy whore? Your entire comment is just negativity.

inception1233077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

lol uc2 boring you might as well tattoo ms on your ass. only a 360 fanboy would say something that dumb just look at all the game has done and you can see why you're a joke. 96 on mc, over 150 awards and over 3.5 mil sold you don't do all that being boring and dragging on. run along kid we don't need idiots like you ruining a peaceful dissussion.

redsquad3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Second playthrough of a game you find 'boring'?? You're a masochist then?

EDIT @ below: Missing the point much? You played it - Didn't like it - Now your playing it again.

Seems a contradiction to me.

Baltis3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

It's amazing that people here just can't accept an opinion or the fact the game didn't do much for "some" people. Get over yourselves guys. Just because I thought it lacked over the first one doesn't mean you all have to. Take your made up sales data and your critical praise and spoon feed it to someone who cares.

"To redsquad above"

I never said I didn't like it. It's good. Better than most games that come out but it wasn't as good as the 1st to me. I'm sorry you're having problems understanding different opinions.

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