PS3 Trophies are saving my gaming summer

Havok Saunders from Sarcastic Gamer: As we all know, summer can be a bit barren in terms of enticing new releases. Outside of Transformers: War for Cybertron, there’s really not much that holds my interest. I’ve heard mixed opinions on Singularity, and I’m not too big into Metroid. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days? Mafia 2? Eh, no thanks. In fact, Dead Rising 2 is the next immediate release that’s marked on my Thundercats calendar.

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Quagmire3079d ago

There are so many games out there, not enough time to collect all trophies from each games

Spenok3079d ago

Thats how i feel. Thats why im picking and chooseing which games i go for the Plat on. Even being picky im still going after like 6 plat's atm. I just got LBPs Plat today. And im going to be buying Singularity later today thanks to K-mart having it at $34.99

Oi. So many games, so little time.

mugoldeneagle033078d ago

And play old titles during the "drought". Recently rebought Killzone 2 and playing through that again trying to get a few campaign trophies. Elite to be exact. Wish me luck

badz1493078d ago

we don't even have summer over here to begin with anyway, but I agree with too many games but too little time! I buy my games with Platinum in mind for sure but I only have 10 at the moment. I'm working on multiple games starting last month. FIFA10, Batman AA, Mini Ninjas, JC2 and RDR! I got the Platinum for Mini Ninjas as my 10th and now playing RDR at night and JC2 the next one by one. I think I can forget about FIFA10 because that'll take like forever and unfortunately Batman will have to wait! I don't think I can Plat RDR either because I'm not really into online MP but I'll definitely try with JC2! I still want to buy LEGO HP and TS3 but I don't think I can manage.

and oh...does anybody know when the Sly collection will be out? what I know is that's my 1st day buy and any other game will have to wait until I plat all 3 Sly games before I can get back to them!

-Mezzo-3079d ago

Same Here. it's just too exhausting to collect all the trophies.

Kurisu3079d ago

There's a guy on my friends list who is trophy level 21, that's just ridiculous.

When trophies first came out on PS3 I was really excited. I played Super Stardust HD to death!


I couldn't care less about trophies.

NecrumSlavery3079d ago

I'm at level 12 and 50%. Once you get to 12, everything slows down fast. It gets much harder to level up. What does your friend have? Like 80 platinums?

dinkeldinkse3079d ago

I am at level 13 and 40%, but it took forever(and tons of trophies)to get to level 13.

Kurisu3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

He has:

60 Platinums

260 Golds

800 Silvers

2473 Bronze

Total: 3593

He's 9% away from Trophy Level 22


redsquad3079d ago

Yeah, that's put me off a bit. While I'm hardly a trophy whore, it was fun seeing that percentage climb everytime I checked my gamer card, but now I've reached level 12 things have slowed to a snails' pace - Even golds seem to be not worth much and the shine has been taken off the experience a bit.

NecrumSlavery3079d ago

Jesus, how many are core and how many is shovelware. Does he have the Hanna Montana and UP platinums?

I think after level 12, bronze is worth 1/2%, silver is 2%, gold is at 6%, and plats are 20-25%.

Kurisu3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

A lot of the platinums he has are core games, but there's a mixture of some pretty terrible games in there as well! No Hannah Montana yet, though! Haha.

I'll PM you a list of his Platinums at some point xD

badz1493078d ago

I'm also at level 12, 26% with 10 Platinums. I have a friend at level 14, 42%, 16 platinums and he has like double the amount of trophies I have! leveling up from level 12 is requiring many more trophies than the previous levels. I don't know where u got this; "bronze is worth 1/2%, silver is 2%, gold is at 6%, and plats are 20-25%" but I don't think that's the case. I started Mini Ninjas when I was already at level 12 and I platinum the game plus other trophies from JC2 and RDR, I'm still only at 26%! I think trophies weight much less than that on level 12 and above.

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DirtyLary3079d ago

devoting your summer to trpohy whoring?

Something seriously wrong with this picture.

godslayer4293079d ago

i see it as a time to save money lol

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