Why Video Games Need Violence

EX: Every so often. a politician embarks on a crusade against violent video games. Most often, this crusade is based on the mistaken belief that video games are primarily for children and that the greedy game industry is putting profits ahead of the well-being of children. While there are games that do cross the line of decency and good taste, violence is essential to video games in a way that it is to no other medium.

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ReBurn3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Hmm, I have mixed feelings about this one. As I think about it I'm reminded that there is violence in all kinds of games. I don't think it takes violence to make games fun, because I've played non-violent games and had a blast. But violence is pervasive. Heck, even Mario Brothers is full of turtles and mushrooms that are on a mission to kill. Kill or be killed all the way back to Pac-man.

As far as storytelling goes, I'm not so sure that all games need a story, either. There are lots of great games with no real story. The 8-bit and 16-bit eras were full of them. But modern games have become so cinematic that I suppose things have changed. I know I don't play games like Burnout looking for a story, and I enjoy that type of game tremendously.

ER-AM3075d ago

The idea that all you need as a "story" in a game is, "They're bad. Kill them all." Most game's stories never really progress much further than this. And even in games like burnout, especially burnout, the action/game play is based off of violence. Half of the fun of burnout is crashing and sending your opponents into the wall or other cars or whatever. It's violence with inanimate objects but it's still violence. Most games have violent elements in the gameplay even if it isn't what's considered the normal, "killing/maiming" violence.

ReBurn3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I completely see your point. I wonder if that's why there aren't people in the cars in Burnout: Paradise?

For a while I was trying to avoid violent video games where I could. But it is really hard. Even the games that are relatively benign like ModNation Racers or 3D-Dot Game Heroes are still based on violence.

Definitely thought-provoking stuff.

Kingdom Come3075d ago

It makes you approach a game more seriously (In most cases)...

blahgasm3075d ago

That's like saying the gore in a slasher flick makes you approach it more seriously. WTF? Besides, gore is often abused in place of talent.

blahgasm3075d ago

People always complain about the bullshit that gets to the top of the site as being all flamebait and yet when somethings posted that isn't flamebait, no one looks at it. SMH.