CNET: Xbox 360 Slim review

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim fixes the major complaints CNET had with previous versions, reducing the fan noise and the size of the power brick. They also like the new design and touch-sensitive buttons. But most impressive of all is the fact that the new console offers really good value for money, thanks to its 250GB hard drive, and arguably the greatest offering of games on the market today. Add it all together and you have a machine that, while not perfect, currently offers the best bang for a gamer's buck.

If you're new to the world of the Xbox, this console is the best way to get started. There are also plenty of reasons to upgrade if you're already a devoted fan.

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ReBurn3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I guess it makes sense that we're seeing a whole new slew of reviews for the console since it is just now launching in Europe.

SOAD3078d ago

The DVD drive could have been better.

MAR-TYR-DOM3078d ago

Funny 9/10 seems pretty damn high! *Looks at website* oh wait...... cnet and microsft.

MorganX3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Missing Blu-ray isn't as big as it could have been, but still missing. Downloads, streaming, and $89 full featured players have made it not such a big deal and games haven't exploited it (except FF XIII and who cares).

No Blu-Ray also means no High Definition Audio. That's all that's missing.

EDIT: Though I think it's great and will trade-in my Elite to buy one, probably should have gotten 8/10. -1 for Proprietary Hard Disk. Sony set the standard with console storage.

FWIW Playstation gets 8.5/10, -1 for no rear USB ports, and -0.5 Bluetooth remote for Blu-ray, universal IR remotes useless.

BattleAxe3078d ago

The original Cnet review was an 8/10 for the new 360, what happened?

Jack Klugman3078d ago

Yup, this looks like the 360 to get. No better time to jump in!

MGRogue20173078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

I've got an Elite 120GB.. So why would I need to get this one?

Also, I've noticed that if I do sell my current one & upgrade to this new Slim model, Then I will only have a 1 year warranty instead of 3 years.. lol looks like I'll be sticking with my ol' Elite, I guess :)

Qui-Gon Jim3078d ago

The 3 year warranty was because of the RRoD. The slim model supposedly eliminates that problem by shutting down before the system sustains permanent damage. You may not feel it's worth upgrading, but the slim is probably safer in the long run.

LexHazard793078d ago

man I wanted to buy the new one, but I couldn't pass up the arcade for $150..I already had a 60gb hdd from a previous console I it worked out great..Hopefully will grab a new Xbox s when Kinect launches..maybe in a bundle package.

SOAD3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Why do you assume that they're marketing it to you?

Edit: Nvm. I just saw that CNET says that if you're a current 360 owner there are plenty of reasons to upgrade. Personally, right now I don't think it is the right time to upgrade. If your current 360 works, then continue to play it. One day, if it craps out, the 360S will probably cost a lot less than it does now, and it will be a worthy purchase then.

I still don't think that MS is marketing it for the current fanbase, though.

RacingLightning013077d ago

The 360 slim is definataly targeting PS3 Fanbase, by adding the stuff Sony took out of the PS3 slim(touch sensetive buttons, USB ports, Shiny Black good looks, ect.)And according to thier sales figures, it's working.

MorganX3078d ago

The extended 3-year warranty is ONLY for RROD. Anything else breaks and its out of warranty.

Hacker3078d ago

Innovation is the Key word here and that's what Xbox 360 Slim is PURE INNOVATION = Day 1 buy.

seij5553078d ago

Where is the innovation? The disk scratching?

Qui-Gon Jim3078d ago

This slim model was a really good move for Microsoft, but it's not exactly innovative. They put in a bigger hard drive, wi-fi, and reduced the risk of the hardware failing. Good? Yes. Innovative? Not to my view.

Pennywise3078d ago

If they innovated to look like a PS3, they did their job... Other than that?

Not trying to be a jerk, but it has the same hardware... The same bad disc drive. They might of added N Wireless, but it has been proven before that it isn't really needed... Please, tell me where this innovation you are talking about comes into play? We know it isn't from its DVD playback capabilities... so where?

SOAD3078d ago

You're right. I think people should just call this SKU for what it is, a reliable 360 with a couple of features that should have been standard a long time ago. That doesn't make this a bad SKU, but people are praising it so much as if it's new tech.

It may still be a worthy purchase for those gamers who were holding off on buying a 360 until they became more reliable.

MorganX3078d ago

"but it has been proven before that it isn't really needed"

It has? Proven? Proven?

Pennywise3077d ago

Do a little reading Morgan. It is overkill for 99% of the people with high speed internet.

lh_swe3078d ago

It's great looking and it might have reduced failure rates along with awesome WiFi but not in any way innovating, it's an awesome redesign but NOT innovating.

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PshycoNinja3078d ago

*Looks at CNET* (facepalm)

Not these retards again.

The Lazy One3078d ago

dude. CNet is one of the best tech sites around.

thebudgetgamer3078d ago

i think i'll stick with my elite, i only wish they would drop the price on the wi-fi.

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