NieR To Be Cavia's Last Title, Company Ceases

In an interview with 4gamer, Cavia announced that NieR will be their last ever title as the company will cease to exist following its absorption into AQ Interactive.

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Chris3992901d ago

Neir was a bit of a hidden (flawed) gem for those that played it. The story and characters were top notch. Easily some of the best this gen.

R.I.P. Cavia. At least they're not dissolving entirely and being brought into AQ's fold.

mephman2901d ago

I agree - Nier really is a hidden gem. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through it.

GuruStarr782901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

I third that comment....hope there is still more dlc and an eventual successor, the story and characters, and the gameplay were actually a lot better than most games nowadays.....

gaffyh2901d ago

Is it really that good? I was thinking of checking it out a while ago, but it looked kinda monotonous in the videos (i.e. constantly killing hordes of the same enemies).

Chris3992901d ago

It IS really that good. One of the most well written/ voiced games I've seen this gen.

Nier got a lot of flak for whatever reason, but if you talk to people who actually played the game - they love it.

VersusEM2901d ago

dang, that just really sucks. I would've like to see more games from them.

Sanrin2901d ago

At least they had one semi-solid title before they folded.

GrilledCheeseBook2901d ago

they're being absorbed
damn, I hope they don't get downsized

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The story is too old to be commented.