Microsoft Kinect Could Boost Revenues $1B In First Year, Caris Says

Microsoft Kinect, the company’s new motion and voice control add-on for the Xbox 360, could generate $2 billion in incremental consumer spending on video games in the first year after launch, with 50%-60% of that going to Microsoft itself, Caris & Co. analyst Sandeep Aggarwal asserts in a research note.

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Jack Klugman2927d ago

if all the marketing and word of mouth for Kinect pay off then it could really be something. All those Wii folks who jumped on the "next big thing" who aren't necessarily gamers will see this as the next thing. good for MS but means squat to me.

ASSASSYN 36o2927d ago

Yeah but, kinect would need an aggressive marketing campaign to reach those people whom never visit gaming sites and only enter gamestop on b-days, and holidays. Those people you mentioned saw a new console with a different control scheme in the wii. Kinect is paired with an old console by comparison that historically uses the standard control scheme.

Bigpappy2927d ago

How about MTV? Consider it done.

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Hacker2927d ago

Kinect is in the forefront of breaking innovation and those who love High Tech Innovations will kill to get there paws on such Technology = Day 1 buy for me.

TheTeam062927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You bought the Kin, didn't you?


See, that's the difference between those who want the Move and those who want Kinect.

The guys who want the Move are going based on the games they think would be fun with it and games that they saw working.

The guys who want Kinect are going based on nothing but how "technologically advanced and innovative" it is. What kind of excuse is that?

I'm not buying a hover car because of what it might be in the future. I'm not buying a 3DTV for what content they might have for it. I DON'T BUY THINGS BASED ON WHAT I HOPE I GET MUCH LATER. I buy things when I see there is something I want to play or watch.

People didn't buy Wiis thinking "Oh, this has some potential with future Mario and Zelda games". No. They bought it after they saw that Wii Sports was fun. They have proof that it's worth the purchase. People didn't skip on the first generation of iPods because they figured "Hey, this might get some cool new features in the future". They bought it because it could play a lot of music and it did that very well.

If you go buy things based on what you hope to see two years from now, someone needs to take your money from you. Especially if it's expensive. People like you just need treasurers or something....

NecrumSlavery2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


What games for Kinect have you putting Halo 3 down? I haven't seen one core game. Please tell me the entire COD community will jump on Dance Central? You fanboys scream day one, but don't you realize MS didn't make this for you? This thing is for your little sister, unless you're a closet Justin Bieber fanatic. Give me a reason to buy this thing?

SkyGamer2927d ago

I really hope that Kinect is an "option" in hard core games. Who wants to have a killzone 3 8 hour marathon using move? That would be pretty tiresome. Just the same. Who wants an 8 hour Halo Reach Marathon with Kinect? It would get old quick. Some games should just stick with mouse/keyboard/controller. Now I do have Kinect pre-ordered. I have one pre-ordered for the games announced and not games supposedly coming out. Zumba, Dance Central and Kinect sports. I would get a golf game as well if I could use my own clubs. I want Kinect for those games. Games like shooters, mouse and keyboard all the way and on consoles, I love the comfort and design of the X360 Controller, and that you can use it on a pc. It sucks to use keyboard and mouse on adventure games like Spiderman, etc.

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whitesoxfalife2927d ago

but me im in the all of the above field,

i will get them move controllers, i will get kinect, i have a 3Dtv already and well the Wii hell my kids dont even play it no more they have they own 360 to play or they just on i dont give money away i just like forward thinking thas all

Projekt7tuning2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

@ LeonSKennedy4Life
Again your trolling in the Kinect/360 stories. The only waste is the air your breathing. Who are you to judge what Hacker or SkyGamer want to buy. You should be happy there supporting the gaming community by spending money on new tech. Its good for all of us gamers. But that's just it, your not a gamer. Your a new breed of extremist Fanboy. Whats next are you going to start fire bombing Kinect kiosk? You are a sick Fu*% that trolls 360 stories all day, to convince yourself your happy as a one system owner. For the second time today, STFU and GTFO!

ActionBastard2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Where were you in 2003 with the EyeToy debut?

EDIT: Figure out the reply system GaMe01

GaMe012927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

How did he buy it if its not out yet you failed! Also how do you know its $150.00 for sure? Ohh before you say he preorder that not the same as buying.

Mr Exclusive2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Looks like another one of Bungies/PP's multiple accounts.

Bigpappy2927d ago

I pre-ordered as soon as I saw the option on GameStop. I am thinking of getting a second one so I would have my kids bother me when I fell like playing some core games. But I will be playing most of those games from E3. I love them. They seem like a lot of fun. The fitness games will be the killer apps for me.

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iamnsuperman2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I don't think Kinect will do as well as MS thinks it will. Majority of people who have 360 are hardcore gamers and i don't think they will be willing to pay for casual games...the casual gamers might be hooked but by the lack of price indication is worrying and i think it will be a much for them to pay. Initially the kinect was hyped a lot but the hyped as died down considering some flaws have appeared (lack of hardcore and sitting down issue, lieing in early adverts for it)

whitesoxfalife2927d ago

i will buy it and im a hardcore player

iamnsuperman2927d ago

What hardcore games you going to get then...... I don't see any yet.

ASSASSYN 36o2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I am getting it. I want it for my 11 year old daughter and 2 year old son. When he is old enough it will make a good introduction to gaming for my son as he relates gaming to standing and moving not just sitting on the couch like I was taught from experience.

aviator1892927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I have two daughters and a son myself who would love this sort of stuff. I got the wii for them years ago but now they're just growing tired of it. They saw Kinect somewhere online and played it at a Microsoft Store near us and they love it.

I do agree that many 360 gamers will probably not want have anything to do with this, but there are the casual gamers who don't yet have a 360 and some that do who will eat this thing up when it comes out.

whitesoxfalife2927d ago

my girls the same way they play the wii every so often but like my earlier comments my girls would rather play 360 theirs or mines but when kinect do hit the streets i know they wanna play that too

LoydX-mas2927d ago

That most people who want to buy this are not hardcore gamers or fanboys.
They look at Kinect as the next logical step up from the Wii.

And whether fanboys will ever admit it or not, casual gamers ALWAYS outnumber hardcore gamers. The Wii proves this fact.

moparful992927d ago

Here's the thing, kinect is targeted at casuals that own wii's.. Do you really think that people are going drop 300 on a 360 and then an additional 150 on kinect for these games? I really dont see alot of people doing that..

LoydX-mas2927d ago

1) $150 for Kinect is not the final price
2) There will be a 360 slim Arcade version out soon. I assume at $199
3) Microsoft has already said there will be bundled 360/Kinect. No prices yet on those.

I could easily see a $250-$300 360 Arcade/Kinect bundle.

n4gno2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

The question is "why not keep your $ to buy the best console with best games, and eye toy/kinec+move + 3D ?

[email protected] : we know that the worst blind fantrolls will buy it, even if they don't like that (like some dumb xbox fans have bought halo 3 even if they don't like the previous one :))

by the way "attach rate for 40 million Xbox 360 installed base" it's a bad number to start with, they have delivered 40 millions, not sold, and a lot to the same gamers (rrod/2 consoles for craked firmware, etc) who will don't buy several kinect, if they buy it.

ASSASSYN 36o2927d ago

Trolls are usually angry... and don't know why. They are worse than fanboys. A better question is why does he think his opinion is going to convince anyone on a website? Does he honestly, believe he is reaching anyone with this whine campaign? You got to be impressed by the sheer power of his motivation.

Now if he turned all that energy into something worthy of his life's attention like work, school, or curing cancer. Not trying to convince people to hate a product they power up and interact with everyday.

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