Evil Avatar's Shotgun: Episode 78 - "Round Three. FIGHT!"

We have a big show this week! We are joined by Todd Fuller from Short Attention Guys and he sits in to chat on our official return from the E3 doldrums. We congratulate Pwnophobia on his first MMA win, which certifies our podcast is now able to beat up and steal lunch money from all others. Speaking of roundhouse kicks, we talk about EVO 2010 from Las Vegas, along with some impressions on Puzzle Quest 2, Singularity, Joe Danger, and Blacklight: Tango Down. Modeps, Pwn and Todd also have a quick round table discussion detailing more about Crackdown 2.

All this and a two man psycho freak out about Two Worlds 2 on this week’s SHOTGUN.

PS: Naughty Bear sucks

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