Why *SPOILER ALERT* in Final Fantasy VII Makes No Sense

DualShockers writes, "When you play a Role Playing Game, many things happen that can make you question the reality of the environment. Riding mysterious “chocobo” creatures, casting magical spells, monkey tails, opera houses, talking creatures, you name it; imps and frogs anyone? But all of these strange occurrences tend to find their place in a fascinating world that immerses the player and over time makes these mystical things seem real in their own way within that world. There is just one thing that’s been bugging the DualShockers crew lately when it comes to Final Fantasy VII and that is the death of Aeris. Many of you Final Fantasy-heads out there may look back on this moment as one of the most epic, tragic, and heart-wrenching moments that set the mood for Cloud’s dismay in the remainder of the game. But when we take a good hard look at this event, does it really make any sense?"

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Hitman07692898d ago

I never really thought about it before but it really makes no sense how she could not be revived. Even her "special" materia could not save her from the mighty wrath of Sephiroth. Such a tragic death that could have been avoided if a revival technique was written into the story. Forever lost to the sword, R.I.P. Aeris!

iiprotocolii2898d ago

I'm really trying to figure out why the hell Cloud and the rest of them didn't give her an X-Potion or a Phoenix Down (which is supposed to revive a fallen character). Then again, she was stabbed in the back and killed, not punched in the face and left unconscious. Poor Aeris indeed. The song made the damn thing worse; I actually screamed when this happened.

TheHater2898d ago

When she died, I put the game away for almost a year because of her death :(

NecrumSlavery2898d ago

Spoiler Alert:

It was her destiny to die. When she died she released Holy from inside her into the life stream. In return was the key to defeating Meteo. It was sad, but cry tears of joy, because there was a greater purpose.

grailly2898d ago

Come on, it's the same thing in every freaking game, any action game, in which a character gets hurt or dies has this situation.


In Uncharted 2, drake gets shot and hurt, is it the first bullet that he was shot by?
In the CoD games, the main characters go down in one or two bullets in the cutscenes
In RDR Marston gets shot and is badly wounded, but for the rest of the game only 10 shots or more will bring him down?
the list goes on...

In every game there a big difference between the representation of the world through gameplay and it's representation in the cutscenes...

Redempteur2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

First in the final fantasy universe there are 2 status :

dead and near dead

when you're near dead , fallen , you can revive with a phoenix down ... that's also why final attack can work , because it's an attack you make before you fall unconscious .
the reason you can't revive aeris is because she is dead ... and not in a near dead state ..

Second , aeris was supposed to die ( story ) but she was supposed to come back in life late that was changed during the develloppement of the game ..there are several place in the game that make no sense whatsoever yet if you cheat and bring aeris back to life you have some events with her ..that's my proof

The rest is google for you

i would have rather enjoyed the game if we could revive her IMO BUT the overall result they reached is still quite good ( existing as an entity within the life stream with zack ) too bad we never got a true sequel 200 years later ..

While i agree with the conclusion , i disagree with the article as a whole ..

hay2897d ago

Actually, the thing is Phoenix Down does not bring back from the dead, please note older FFs where it removes KO(or wounded) status which can be also inflicted by inappropriately named effects like Death, but it isn't death at all in reality.
The whole mess is caused by improper terminology.

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Noctis Aftermath2898d ago

OMG you just ruined ff7 for me, i am near the end of the first disc and i have to find aeris, thanks for telling me what happens...

Hitman07692898d ago

Well welcome to 2010 Buddy.

nickjkl2898d ago

you survived like 13 years without knowing aeris died where have you been

morganfell2898d ago

It isn't the point. Major plot points shouldn't be headlines...

Is there a commission somewhere that determines expiration dates on spoilers? No? Then they are no better than the people that post major spoilers the day a game releases.

Squall50052898d ago

I just think this guy is talking out of his arse. Everyone knows Aeris dies, whether you've played FF7 or not.

Just don't tell him what happens at the end of Titanic...I bet he ain't seen that either.

Kyur4ThePain2898d ago

You're wrong mate. Like Morgan said, there is no expiration for when a piece of information is a spoiler or not.
Are you ok with me spoiling major story lines for the next big game two days after it's released?
I mean, I'm normally done with games by then.

DeadIIIRed2897d ago

I'd of been peesed if someone ruined that plot twist for me. Also, there are some younger people on this website who have not played through FFVII yet

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BigMassacre2898d ago

In battle the characters are KO'd, they do not die.

Also, the main character dies in Chrono Trigger, and there is a way to bring him back if you continue the game beyond that point. Aeris dying, while a dramatic event in RPG history, was nothing new.

gano2898d ago

best fucking story ever.

Chimerhazzard2898d ago

Phoenix downs "revive" party members that have been knocked out, not killed =D

Same with "Life" spells.

What was more stupid, was how RED XIII's father couldn't be brought back from his petrification by using a "Soft", but I guess many years had passed since he was petrified, so those things might have an expire date or something hahah xD

Deputydon2898d ago

The idea behind it is that when a character loses all their Hit Points, they are knocked out, not killed.

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dizzleK2898d ago

i've been saying that for years. i hate when games violate their own rules.

sinncross2898d ago

It is an old game, what do you expect? At that time in gaming, the narrative did not necessarily correlate with the gameplay mechanics open to the player.

Chadness2898d ago

There has to be a distinction between game play mechanics and narrative. Almost every game in existence makes some sort of compromise in this respect for logistical reasons.

VersusEM2898d ago

This article doesn't make any sense. First off, in battle when players are lose all of their life that means she is KO "Knocked Out", then you put down a phoneix down and she's all better.

Squall50052898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

You've got it spot on mate. When your character loses all of their HP in battle, they are KO'd. Not dead. Phoenix down reverses that effect. I've had this arguemnt with friends many times.

Whoever disagreed with you is an idiot. Just go check the FF7 game manual.

Davoh2898d ago

If they really are only KO'd then why do enemy units stop attacking them? Because if I was the enemy I'd finish KO'd characters off for good before they get a chance to heal =D.

Spenok2898d ago

Its because its a video game, and it isnt real. If they attacked the KO'd allies it would be stupid. Not to mention the game gets more difficult if you have an ally or two KO'd.

C L O U D2898d ago

I think it is because once the whole party is knocked out and it goes to the game over screen, I'm sure the enemy pretty much kill them while they are all knocked out.

Spenok2898d ago

Well said, anyone who disagree's obviously doesnt play Final Fantasy games.

MaideninBlack2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Aeris died because she wanted to be in control of the Lifestream. It's where she was laid to rest by Cloud. I thought it was obvious to anyone who played the game to the end and paid attention to what they learned in Red XIII's village.

The lifestream diverted the comet at the end of the game because Aeris was in control of it.Cloud in FF7: AC was sent back to the land of the living by Aeris ( and Zack ) because of this fact. They're the two talking about Cloud as they're sending him back at the end of the movie.

Games4M - Rob2898d ago

yeah, i thought it was obvious - dumb article

Hitman07692898d ago

"Aeris wanted to be in control of the lifestream" this may be so but I seem to remember the chick getting impaled with a 12 foot long sword. I guess I'm hallucinating.

MaideninBlack2898d ago

How else was she going to die? You can't control the lifestream while living. Sephiroth thought he was smart for killing her instead he completed her plans for saving the world.

HumanStark2898d ago

It was just a clipping error.

GraySnake2898d ago

LMAO!! Bubbles for you!

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