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There is a bit of cliché when it comes to gaming, and that cliché is that a sequel hardly outperforms the original, though Uncharted 2 is a testament of that not always being the case. Back in 2006 when Ninety-Nine Nights launched on the Xbox 360, it was received as a Dynasty Warriors clone, but offered a fun time that certainly filled in the game drought the Xbox 360 was suffering from. N3 had noticeable flaws like repetitive gameplay and lackluster characters, but like all hack 'n slash titles, you play it for the shear reason of carving up hundreds upon hundreds of enemies with bright, over-the-top moves. Konami is sending you back to the battlefield to kill thousands of enemies with the release of Ninety-Nine Nights 2, but will the game outperform the first?

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Leupac2746d ago

5 out of 10, ouch. I still want to try it though and see if it is better than the first. I've only had the chance to play the demo so far.

DaRockSays2746d ago

guess I'll be sticking to the demo first for sure

Queasy2746d ago

The first one was crap so its no surprise that this is crap too.

DelbertGrady2746d ago are known for their quality editorials.

MxShade2746d ago

I'm disappointed. Not a single mention of how many troops there were.

DaRockSays2746d ago

I guess troops aren't important if it's no fun using them

002746d ago


killyourfm2746d ago

Nope, it was still boring as hell.

Neco5122746d ago

wonder why so much action can be so dull

MxShade2746d ago


But yeah, I'm not surprised.

Neco5122746d ago

not surprised at all, I like the idea behind it though

CrAppleton2746d ago

Looks pretty crazy! but still doesn't look very good

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The story is too old to be commented.