Q&A: Is Microsoft’s Kinect for Serious or Casual Gamers?

Rob Matthews is general manager of global marketing communications for Xbox 360. Before joining Microsoft in 2009, Mr. Matthews was head of consumer marketing at Nintendo of America for eight and a half years, where he helped craft the consumer marketing strategy of the Wii and hundreds of other game products in the U.S. Digits spoke with him this week about how Kinect could appeal to consumers who are videogame novices and more experienced gamers.

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MariaHelFutura3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

It`s pretty obvious isn`t it.

Halo:Reach isn`t using it, GeoW3 isn`t using it, Fable 3 isn`t using it (I`m fairly sure) and Turn 10 (Forza) said it`s not for the hardcore Forza players.

Nuff said, what the argument, potential?!?!?....OK. If it had any potential IMO they would MAKE them implement it in Halo:Reach or GeoW3. Don`t you think?

Milo is about the only thing for the Hardcore. :o

Kahvipannu3081d ago

Well it looks like MS is targeting casuals with it, but it isnt even out yet, so time will tell. For example RTS games would be perfect for Kinect.

deadreckoning6663080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Were gunna have ta wait at least a year to determine that. At the moment however, its aimed at casuals.

"Name me some hardcore games that support it? And confirmed to do so."

Well first, u have to define what "hardcore" means to you. I see Dance Central as a hardcore game. My opinion. Dance Central is just as much of a hardcore game as Rock Band.

MRMagoo1233080d ago

lol rock band isnt hardcore either

HolyOrangeCows3080d ago

"Unfortunately for Xbox 360 owners, there are no plans to support Kinect. Girard said the stumbling point was having to play standing up while using Microsoft's rival motion-sensing tech"

Well developers don't seem to agree that it would be good for RTS.

mrv3213081d ago

Name me some hardcore games that support it? And confirmed to do so.

lh_swe3080d ago

Kinect may be great IF, and ONLY IF there are some great hardcore games to go with it and I doubt we'll see many if any for a while, same with Move but we've already seen it being supported in many hadcore titles.

Hacker THE ONLY REASON you support Kinect like you do and just so happen to bash Killzone 3 is because you are blind fanboy, either that or you are just doing it for kicks to get a rise out of people, either way you need to grow up.

Mr Exclusive3080d ago

Hacker how much is MS paying you?

mastiffchild3080d ago

They wouldn't pay for that level of trolling! you have to be OUTSTANDING to earn any MS pennies I would imagine and not be some rank amateur with no arguments to support his FUD. Hacker isn't even trying and MS would demand their trolls sweat blood. BLOOD I tells YA!

OT: I just worry that we might not see core games for Kinect, or even much integration for little features, because they can't, or haven't, got around simple issues like how to do the job analogue sticks, triggers and buttons do in most games. Maybe they can't go with anything like the nunchuck or Nav controller either after saying "you ARE the controller" type stuff so often. Would LOVE to see something happen to make us feel they had something for us but so far if it isn't on rails it's entirely casual fluff-and even there I don't see what people will keep buying post launch as it's all pretty limited so far.

Jack Klugman3081d ago

right now it's getting almost exclusively pushed to the casuals BY DESIGN. they want that wii market. heck, ms isn't looking at #3 they are looking at #1 and that is Nintendo.

after launch i think we will start to see more hardcore experiences and hopefully some great hybrid stuff as well.

Qui-Gon Jim3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Don't you think that if Microsoft had any bones to throw to the core gamers, they would have shown SOMETHING? At E3!?!?

I do agree that Microsoft is very deliberately focusing on the casual crowd, but if they had something in the pipe for the core gamers anywhere near launch, they would have shown something. That crappy on-rails Star Wars game is the closest they showed (and this comes from a huge Star Wars fan).

About a year from now we might see some core stuff for Kinect. Casual games can be cranked out in a year, but core games generally take a couple, especially when you're grappling with an all-new control scheme. Be ready, though, for those "core" games to look pretty bad with how much system resources Kinect is rumored to eat up.

Jeff2573080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Your right that core games do take awhile to develop for new hardware. I think MS really is putting the Casual market ahead of the Core and even with what they have shown the casual games dont look good enough to really grab someone off the street as a must buy. Many say that both Sony and MS should stay out of the motion control market but Sony has been working on this for a long time and even the launch titles show that. The devs that worked on Sports Champions stated they have spent over a year and a half on it. Also Sony has shown they will be supporting Move with Core titles like Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, and even Sorcery looks like it could be a good Core game as well. Even EA has jumped on board by including Dead Space Extraction with Dead Space 2 on the PS3. Now if MS had been a little more forward thinking and planned better they could have had some good core titles coming with the Kinect launch. But because they havent I dont know if the market will still be there a year or two from now.

KILLERAPP3080d ago

Did you guys watch E3 because I though they made it pretty clear what are they targeting…

VladimirK3080d ago

That was such a dissapointing, boring show.
Last years felt just like awesome game, after awesome game.

This year there was about 3/4 decent looking things at the start then what must have been an hour of morons dancing about.

MajestieBeast3080d ago

Casual and please do not start with the future crap i think it says enough when you just ignore your own fanbase. I mean the wii had some hardcore titles like zelda and metroid same for move what does microsoft have?

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