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Killzone 3 cinematic death detailed with video

Killzone 3 is set to introduce cinematic deaths which will add a dramatic spectacular punch, allowing players new ways to take care of the Helghast. (Killzone 3, PS3)

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Hacker   1965d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(9)
srfto  +   1965d ago
Kerrby  +   1965d ago
Old news is old.

I thought we knew this months ago?
NecrumSlavery  +   1965d ago
GG is really listening to the gamers in this one. This game is going to have so much variety, epic scenarios, awesome MP modes, it's not even just a FPS, but a visual cinematic epic through the eyes of the player.

Only concern is the controls. I hear this game is going to be more run and gun. I don't mind run and gunning, but the think I loved about KZ2, is it was tactical, not a floaty gun shooter. Hopefully they'll mix up the gameplay insegments of tactics and run-n-gun moments, and give controller options to suit everyone
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1965d ago
And it will have Move Support. More variety of Gameplay.
ExplosionSauce  +   1965d ago
Don't forget 3D
For those who are lucky enough to have a 3DTV, will be able to experience the game in a new way...
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sikbeta  +   1965d ago
KZ3D will be Totally Epic, I can't even wait to play it, GG is making a Huge Beast with this Game, it's Incredibly Awesome the amount of stuff gamers will get in just one Game...

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Bloodraid  +   1964d ago
Someone help me
Could someone please explain to me exactly what is so good about the Killzone series? The games really don't have much going for them other than graphics, and other than that they are rather generic shooters. I mean, sure it's pretty to look at and all, but is there a hidden appeal that I'm not seeing in this series?

Also, they need to put a lot of work into these 'cinematic death animations'. The way the jetpack Helghast shot when they died seemed really odd for some reason. Same thing with the ship flying straight at the player.
lagoonalight  +   1964d ago
It what way is KZ2 any more generic than anything else out there? Yeah, thought so. The class system was great as were wargames. You might want to actually play it.
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Hideo_Kojima  +   1964d ago
Amazing just amazing "Quote"
For instance, a Helghast drop ships struck by a barrage of W.A.S.P. projectiles doesn't have to simply drop out of the sky; the force of impact can tear off the ship's stabilizers, causing it to bank and spiral wildly out of control before slamming into the ground with a massive explosion. Of course, this also makes it more difficult to predict where the drop ship will come down, as Sev finds out:
Bloodraid  +   1963d ago
"In what way is KZ2 any more generic than anything else out there?" - That pretty much says right there "It is generic, but not anymore generic than everything else." I believe what you meant to ask is what makes KZ2 a generic game in my eyes.

I feel the Killzone series is generic because it doesn't offer much more than any other FPS does. Sure there's a very skeletal class system (which really doesn't even matter seeing as you can mix the abilities with another class anyway), but that's really all it has going for it.

Wargames is just a medley of different game modes, isn't it? How exactly does that innovate? Socom 1 had medley rooms. Granted, the game modes switched after each game, rather than during the game. But it's essentially the same concept.

Why do you assume that just because I dislike Killzone, I don't own it? If I didn't own it I would have no reason to say what I'm saying, now would I? I dislike the game based on personal experience with it. I'm not a fan of 3D Dot Game Heroes either. Does that mean I don't own that game suddenly either?
ExplosionSauce  +   1963d ago
I think KZ2 played different than other mainstream FPS games out there. It has a certain feel to it.

A game doesn't have to be completely innovative to be good; and KZ is good. There are a multitude of games out there that don't do anything innovative/new, yet they're great.
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gtamike  +   1965d ago
day 1 buy
SaberEdge  +   1965d ago
Very nice indeed. Killzone 3 is going to rock.
MiamiACR  +   1964d ago
Now that was one boring video, the two of them? *Scoffs* Not anything we haven't seen since gaming hit 3D and put a gun in our hands.
Kleptic  +   1964d ago
you are absolutely right...Quake had the same physics...
StillGray  +   1965d ago
KZ3's gonna be sweet.
yoghurt  +   1965d ago
Even at pre-alpha stage, probably the best graphics I have seen so far on any console. This game is going to be huge.
doctorspakles  +   1965d ago
Get over the pre-alpha business. Yes the game looks phenomenal, no it will not have noticeably major improvements in graphics as it passes through beta and beyond.
CrippleH  +   1965d ago
That's what people said about Killzone 2 pre-alpha and they ate crow.
hassi94  +   1964d ago

Yes but the engine was still in development then. They have developed and optimized the engine, they are just making the game (and that's why it's only taking 2 years).
lagoonalight  +   1964d ago
Considering they are not using Quincunx anymore and that Guerrilla itself said they are making improvements across the board yes this game will look a lot better than it does now. Would you people stop acting like you are developing this game or that you have ever developed a game in your lives? Seriously, getting old hearing from teeny boppers what Guerrilla is going to do with their game in the next year.
Kleptic  +   1964d ago
people said that about Uncharted 2 also...won't look much better than the first...which was already a top tier game visually this generation...

for me its not how much the visual fidelity will change...its just seeing what the engine can actually do...which imo is what made Uncharted 2 so incredible...having that engine tweaked enough to show new locales and bigger environments was what made it so unstoppable...

killzone 2's engine running jungles?...I'd like to see it, sooner rather than later... apparently we will will
Tee7soo   1965d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
NikoleSmash  +   1965d ago
Now imagine that in 3D!
arakouftaian  +   1965d ago
i dont need to
i did it at e3 and its epic.

Killzone 3 have the best grafics much better than gow3
and gow3 wow me big time but kz3 will be more epic
remanutd55  +   1965d ago
stop talking bull crap , the best 3D game at E3 was Motorstorm Apocalypse , Killzone 3 in 3D looks good but nowhere near EPIC as you describe it , there are certain games i'd rather play them in HD and Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 are among them , Motorstorm Apocalypse on the other hand WOW , thats how you do 3D right and yes i have played them all in 3D , more EPIC than God of War ??? LOL you really have to be kidding me , that was a pretty bad joke my friend , theres nohing EPIC in the E3 demo that we played in my opinion , is just killzone 2 with Jetpacks , thats about it ( which isnt a bad thing at all ) but i will wait to have the game on my 3D TV , MAYBE by that time they have fixed a lot of things that i didnt like about the 3D demo
arakouftaian  +   1963d ago
dejate de jode cerote
ya hasta tu tas odiando KILLZONE hahaha ya pareces xbox fanboy
Colonel-Killzone  +   1965d ago
I can't wait for this game.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1965d ago
16 ppl
Agree that you can't wait. LMAO
doctorspakles  +   1965d ago
No. They also can't wait for this game, therefore, since they share his sentiment, they click agree. So you can stop LYAO.
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Spenok  +   1964d ago
This game is going to be epic. Truely.
Tripl3seis  +   1965d ago
the haters are gona hate like the last time what happen wen killzone 2 was raleased the media and the haters got dragon punch hard and the same thing is going to happen again hehehehe killzone 3 is looking awesome btw
nickjkl  +   1965d ago | Well said
remember guys microsoft said the ps3 was faaaaaaaaaar weaker than the 360 in 05

it almost looks like they tried to kill the playstation off early by saying its weaker and pulling out all the stops of exclusive deals

and now the exclusive games sales are slowing down and they lost the graphics war
#9 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(42) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Silly gameAr  +   1965d ago
Articles like that are the reason we have guys like Hacker and Shaman running around.

I'm not crazy hyped for KZ3 but the game looks insane and I'm looking forward to playing it.
Biggest  +   1965d ago
WOW! That is information that at the time would have seemed like a death sentence for the PS3. But in retrospect. . . WTF was Microsoft smoking? Their numbers, however true they may be, have produced ZERO real life proof. Those numbers are like the Bible, Koran, and Where The Wild Things Are combined into one big Scientology novel. It is plain laughable right now. Ahh well. The past is the past. Killzone 3 will look better than 99% of console games. The only games it may fall short against are Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2.
beavis4play  +   1965d ago
i gave you a bubble - anyone who goes back 5 years for a story to support a post deserves it.

i remember that story now........but i wouldn't have if you didn't reference it - nice.
Jeff257  +   1965d ago
That was an interesting read. Funny how things have really turned around. I especially liked the part in the article where they stated that no devs would want to spread the processes across the SPUs. Seems most of the Sony 1st party studios have really proved that wrong and shown that the PS3 is the stronger of the two consoles. Bubbles for you for posting this.

Anyway Im looking forward to Killzone 3. I loved the 1st and 2nd ones and eventhough I didnt play the MP much on KZ2. I cant wait to see where the story goes in 3.
weazel  +   1965d ago
"However, hardware performance, while important, is only a third of the puzzle. Xbox 360 is a fusion of hardware, software and services. Without the software and services to power it, even the most powerful hardware becomes inconsequential. Xbox 360 games—by leveraging cutting-edge hardware, software, and services—will outperform the PlayStation 3."
Even then, IGN proved that it's objectively neutral. /S
(Using figures and stats hand-delivered and quoted verbatim by MS employees!Tchhh!)
#9.5 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ju  +   1964d ago
That was just such an hilarious article.

"256 GB/s of EDRAM bandwidth for a total of 278.4 GB/s total system bandwidth."

They forgot to mention, that you can pretty much use that for nothing. The GPU can; for some specific tasks - within it's 10MB (!) buffer, and that's about it.

In other news, CELL's ringbuffer saturation was measured with real world benchmarks at about 192GB/sec (theoretical 300GB/s, and that is, when 8 SPUs put a packet on the bus at exactly the same time = 8x25GB/s - which the PS3 doesn't have, because only 6+1 are available). War of the numbers, lol.

Not saying you can use that for anything. Just tossing some random numbers around. It's easy to make headlines...
ranmafandude  +   1964d ago
ms did try to
look at all the hate the media had for the ps3 for like 2 years straight lol. i seen so much bias for those 2 years that i had to just sit back and saw that they were brainwashed with money and lies. now look the ps3 is flourishing with so many good games,hardware,and user software.
#9.7 (Edited 1964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MNicholas  +   1964d ago
Original IGN article didn't reveal that it was written by Microsoft
IGN (and many other game sites like CNET) took bribes to run this multi-page ad (or a slightly reworded variation) masquerading as an "article." It was shown as a "special investigation" by IGN.

After it became obvious to readers that this was just a paid ad, IGN sneakily added the following paragraphs at a much later date:

"It's 3:30 pm on Friday, May 20, the last day of E3. The fine PR folks from Microsoft, who invited us to their headquarters a week before E3 to show us their system, their specs, and the grand design behind their powerful new Xbox 360, have just sent us an urgent notice to update our specs with new information. Earlier in the day, we were sent a comparative analysis of the Xbox 360's power vs. the PlayStation 3's power.

We decided to put this Microsoft-provided information up undigested. Thus, enclosed is a Microsoft-made comparitive analysis. We have not altered, added, or tinkered with the data. We have not interpreted the specs. We have cut and pasted this information from the email into our site and formatted it. Make of it what you will, but be clear we know Microsoft has clearly slanted this info, and we're not endorsing it, just printing their version. There is a difference."

If you search online, there are still some sites that have variations of this "article" that were written by Microsoft but are listed under the name of their own writers.

Also, how can we forget that idiot Anand Lal Shimpi(anandtech) who stated that the Cell was effectively useless.
#9.8 (Edited 1964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
moparful99  +   1964d ago
Sony know's precisely what they are doing when it comes to hardware. They wouldnt have spent so much money on the cell if it had no real impact on gaming. Microsoft is a bullish company that prys their way into any medium they deem fit. They use their deep pockets to buy up resources and then they leverage those resources against the competition to force them out of the industry. Never has microsoft succeeded becuase of hardwork or merit.
bjornbear  +   1965d ago
best looking up coming FPS on consoles
if you disagree fine by me
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1965d ago
They can disagree, but never reply you. Can't reply against the truth.
NarooN  +   1965d ago
That's funny. And true. Any time I post or see an epic comment on this site, people always disagree but never make a post saying *why* they "disagree*. They know what you said is so true that they know they can't even formulate a response that won't make them look any bigger of an asshat than they already are.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1965d ago
i disagree, and ill give you my reasons why.

1. Crysis 2 looks graphically superior and going by both games prequels, will be more fun to play IMO than Killzone 3.

2. Rage looks graphically superior than Killzone 3, is made by a better developer, runs at 60fps, and looks to have better and more varied gameplay than Killzone 3.

3. Bulletstorm looks fantastic graphically, sports higher resolution textures and more detail than Killzone 3, and looks like a blast to play with its weapons and combat systems.

now sure, youll probably disagree. but i disagree with you, and i gave my reasons.

and lets not forget that its not just me that thinks Rage looks better than Killzone 3. it was pretty unanimously accepted that Rage wiped the floor with pretty much every other game at E3, Killzone 3 included.
NarooN  +   1964d ago
Yeah but Rage and Crysis 2 are both PC-centric titles, and pretty much everything they showed at E3 was running on either the PC or devkits anyway. Crysis 1 underwhelmed the hell outta me in every department except graphics which was the only thing it had going for it. I don't even remember the story (it was forgettable), the gameplay was boring (oh hey, run from here to there and kill anyone or sneak by anyone you see, oh look at the island is so pretty!) and the mechanics weren't anything special. At its core the game was nothing more than another generic shooter from what I played of it. Crysis 2 looks to be the same. I'm clearly not a Crysis fan so obviously I'll prefer KZ over it.

I've seen all those games. KZ3 still looks better than they do. And who are all these "people" who "unanimously" agreed that they look better? I never even heard that until I read your comment. No articles on any reputable sites about it, none of my friends said anything, nothing but silence.
n4gno  +   1964d ago

do you hate yourself ?

"and going by both games prequels, will be more fun to play IMO than Killzone 3" LOL

and for graphics purpose, LOLX2, you know since uncharted 1 that not a single game on xbox can compete with best ps3 exclusives, but after "wait for alan wake", you are trying again to believe "bububu wait for rage"
bjornbear  +   1964d ago
fair enough

a) yes unanimously by anyone that resents the fact they won't be able to play KZ3 / has never seen KZ2 in front of them on an HD tv

b) you can't say that an unreleased game WILL be more fun than another unreleased game, not when its two high quality FPS's, thats stupid

c) Bulletstorm does not sport higher resolutions because there is NO WAY of knowing that since:
i) bulletstorm dev's haven't mentioned this/ there is no proof it is a fact
ii) KZ3 is in pre-alpha build, so what ever assumptions you are doing are based NOT on the final product.

As I said, you can disagree with it subjectively, but don't use bullsh!t as a facts

and your name is extremely ironic.
#10.3.3 (Edited 1964d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Optical_Matrix  +   1965d ago
Lol I haven't seen so many 360 trollers in a PS3 game article in a while. Must still be salty over not being able to get FFXIV Online. Poor things.
Bring on february 2011 I say
Odin777  +   1965d ago
Yeah I think the 360 trolls are finally coming back after a long hiatus. Well at least I won't have to read whiny comments about there being too many PS3 trolls here.
Nykamari  +   1965d ago
They come out after E3 every year like they won something! Crazy thing is when things they say comes back and bite them on their a$$, they call foul! Fanboy never learn. If you don't believe me watch what happens after E3 next year. By the way KillZon3 looks marvelous!!!!
Rahim92  +   1965d ago
The good graphics will really be prominent this time because of the bright snow environments. Killzone 2 did look good, but it was honestly too dark for me to judge the graphics.
cooperdnizzle  +   1965d ago
The people at the top
Ummm people can't read. Or listen correctly. All the video's say right at the top pre alpha, and the developers in every interview say pre alpha. But you're right dude its in the alpha stage. Cause you know more about whats going on with the game then they do. I mean cause you know everything right? On subject, i think "my opinion" that this game will do more than any of those other shooters coming out next year. Rage looks like crap been in development way longer than killzone 2 and 3 combined. Two killzone's before one new id game. And halo will suck like it always does. To everyone on here i own all three consoles. Not a fan-boy i just know good games.
#13 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Tee7soo  +   1965d ago
LOL at you people saying i didn't play killzone 2 !
yes i played it and i loved it and i still play it online daily but still
i cant really see any improvements in the graphics so WTF are you all talking about ..
cooperdnizzle  +   1965d ago
If you watched the vids on killzone 2 in pre alpha you would see a huge difference in that version and the final build. This will be the same with killzone 3. For sure. And i do think it already looks better but that is just me. Wait and see for you're self when it goes in to the final build/
doctorspakles  +   1965d ago
Doubt it, but hopefully you are right. Reason dictates that we will not see as great a jump in graphics from pre-alpha to release with this one because the basic engine is done. Small tweaks and improvements here and there is all we are likely to see.
Fishy Fingers  +   1965d ago
Dude, he can judge gameplay/controls from 40 secs of video, he doesnt have to wait for the final build.
#14.2 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
HDgamer  +   1965d ago
Lol ok if he could do that then I guess halo reach will be the worse halo game of all time. But then again I can detect the sarcasm of your post lol
strickers  +   1965d ago
Get yourself to Specsavers.
telekineticmantis  +   1965d ago
Halo hasn't done anything interesting sine Halo 2. What they gave us with Halo 3 was shameful, considering the did very little to expand the franchise. Halo Reach is more of that old slow unexciting Halo gameplay where used to. Halos "Action Sequences"( if you can call it that) are so protoypical to it's genre after games like gears of war, call of duty, and killzone halo is about as exciting as watching my grandmother sleep. Looking at what they showed for Reach at E3 it looks like a rent at most. All the reports for killzone show that they are trying to bring you a exciting visceral experience. This cinematic death article shows that no 2 playthroughs of killzones campaign will play the same. KILLING HELGHAST with OTHER HELGHAST SOUNDS FUN. While in Halo it's the samething killing midgets destroying covenant tanks while their projectiles take 5 minutes just to hit you. It's lame now. I'll be waiting for bungies real project, halo is not on top of my list.
cooperdnizzle  +   1965d ago
Could not agree more. Halo 2 was the shit. And that is about as far as it goes.
DigitalRaptor  +   1965d ago
SOAD  +   1965d ago
"What they gave us with Halo 3 was shameful"
I doubt you played Halo 3.

It's one of the most content-heavy games out there and you're saying it's shameful? That borders on blasphemy to me. How can you be so dense?
doctorspakles  +   1965d ago
Agreed. Halo 3 brought a lot. What did KZ2 bring to the table that was interesting? Great graphics? Yes. Anything else? no. But Halo 3? Forge and theater come to mind.
#15.3.1 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
n4gno  +   1964d ago
Doctorsparkles : kz2 = best graphics, and best gameplay for competitive purpose (for a console fps), halo is just a little clone of unreal tournament, nothing else, but uneducated young player don't know that.

by the way, why talking about that fps here ? kz3 play in another league.
#15.3.2 (Edited 1964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
crazydrummerlad1  +   1965d ago
If u think kz2 lacked in gameplay...
u must have either never played it or never got past the 2nd level...

i admit the game has a bit of a slow start but once u get passed that then its phenomenal!
Fireseed  +   1965d ago
This is a feature? I mean I wish developers would stop trying to get us psyched about B.S. features. I'd be interested if they showed some new cover mechanic like Brink's free flow system or Batman: AA's combat not some flashy effect that happens post gameplay.
#17 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Ju  +   1964d ago
KZ2 already brought us some innovations, like the first person cover system. The AI is amazing, and physics/particle system as well. Looks like "those death scenes" are very real in the sense of using autonomous "simulation" properties - and aren't just scripted. They point out, that one side effect is, if one jetpack crashes into another it might ignite the other one and take out other jetpack troopers - which wasn't originally how this was intended. I think this high level of physics used changes the way gameplay works.

Other than that, I can agree to your arguments for the other games. That's why we can enjoy playing more than just one, though. I am glad we get new games trying something different. I will look be looking forward to playing Brink (and have yet to finish AA).
Fireseed  +   1964d ago
OMG you gotta finish it, it's sooo good :D

But yeah I'd like to see articles about an evolving A.I. or implementation of Red Faction scale destruction. It's the same thing as the the Halo: Reach assassinations just a nice visual.
#17.1.1 (Edited 1964d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
HDgamer  +   1965d ago
360 fans on full force
SSKILLZ  +   1965d ago
Did you say force !!! ?....FALCONE HUMP !!!

Related video
Whoooop  +   1965d ago
Best thing about KZ3 is that it will bring a new wave of haters... :D
Tee7soo  +   1965d ago
Fishy Fingers
40 secs of video ???

Related video
cjflora  +   1965d ago
Dude, can you not even figure out how to reply to your own posts? You still have yet to remark on the fact that this is a PRE ALPHA BUILD!!! How can you seriously judge the graphics yet?

By the way, video attach fail.
#20.1 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
beavis4play  +   1965d ago
play2man, what's with the "related video"?
why didn't you just post the link so we can watch the video here? i'm not going to copy that and then go to youtube to look up the vid.
mac4u10  +   1965d ago
Gaming news seems very slow these few weeks :|
Tee7soo  +   1965d ago
frankymv  +   1965d ago
no words can describe how awesome KZ3 will be.
BannedForNineYears  +   1965d ago
Yay, I can post comments!
Anyway, this seems beast.
Those were the best 25 seconds of my life.
#24 (Edited 1965d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
qiqi11220   1965d ago | Spam
CWMR  +   1965d ago
It looks really good. I am looking forward to it.
NeloAnjelo  +   1965d ago
Convas  +   1964d ago
Gahhh, I can't WAIT for this game! Roll on February!
netetrader50   1964d ago | Spam
BaKon  +   1964d ago
Why the hell does the Wasp sound like the Bolt Gun? XD
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