Battlefield: Bad Company 2′s multiplayer is messed up

Chris from noticed somethign quite strange about Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Multiplayer. Everything is gone!

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SeanRL2926d ago

Damn that sucks, hopefully everything gets fixed soon.

muDD2923d ago

best online multi shooter, but losing my stats made me wanna [email protected] some shyt up!

Frulond2926d ago


The issue with the resetting of stats and unlockables appears to have been corrected. Signing out of and then back into your XBL account should bring back all of your precious achievement.

If you’re still experiencing problems don’t be afraid to contact us on the matter."

Tee7soo2925d ago

I sold my copy of BF:BC 2 yesterday and got cod MW 2 again
and this was the last time i buy anything from DICE ..

jon12342924d ago

i was actually starting to hate bad company 2, until some how the lag has miraculously disappeared for me, now i love it again, plus im playing mw2 as well, i dont see why both games cant co exist

sunnygrg2924d ago

MW2 is a pile of dog poo filled with campers and glitchers.

As much as I love the CoD franchise, MW2 just messed the whole thing up.

BX812924d ago

Is it just you? I got rid of my copy because of all the lag on XBL. If it's good to go I might pick it up again.

WildArmed2924d ago

I still play BC2 alot..
I just like big maps i guess. I like to snipe when i'm FAR away ^^

I guess i just don't like MW2 because I suck at it.. People have 20 K/D.. while I'm lurking the 5 range.
I die more from kill streaks rewards than anything.

I can understand why People like MW2. but the game isn't for me.
I personally play MAG more than both of them...
why? Coz I die alot.. and people revive me alot LOL
I love how every1 has a med kit <3

I gotta say, I'mma RPG gamer stuck in a FPS world :(

hmmmm2924d ago


Yup, the lag has all prety much disappeared since the second multiplayer update, so its good to go!

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Sarcasm2924d ago

I like big maps and I can not lie, You other brothers can't deny, That when a tank rolls in with a big ass gun, And blow up rounds in your face

TheFreak2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

say what!? you sold a laggy online game and bought a game that has more lag and more glitches. I dont see the win in that situation....

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

According in the article, was only for the Xbox. Would be a major problem if this was included also for PC and PS3.

Biggest2924d ago

It's a thing that has been happening since the firs day. Every once in a while your weapons disappear. Log out, log in, and enjoy your game. This is not new. This is not game threatening.

Garnett2924d ago

LOL! Dice Sucks, really... Wow... I know MW2 sucks, but BC2 was the PERFECT Fps, until they screwed it up...

DICE just go back to PC gaming, where you belong, cause on Consoles the big boys roam (KZ,Halo, Gears,Resistance) with their list of AAA games.

Karl Marx2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I hate BC2 now, it got boring after getting all the guns and MW2 isn't any better so KZ2 and U2 for me

Garnett2924d ago

Did i say that? No..

I said other companys are better at creating console games than DICE are, DICE belongs on PC.

Dice will never create a game like BF2 on consoles. BF2 along with its mods are probably the best FPS ever. (IMO)

Karl Marx2924d ago

My bad bro, I read it wrong.

WildArmed2924d ago

It really isn't Dice's fault.
From what I understand, EA (and Activision) hire third parties to maintain the servers and stuff. So when the servers screw up, EA/Dice take the heat, but it probably isn't their fault.
I remember them clearly saying this during the BFBC2 beta.

Garnett2924d ago

You think EA would stop being so darn cheap, i mean i paid (Regrettably) $60 for a game that lagged and had Disc Locked Content.

Im looking forward to the MoH beta, if they ever get their act together on 360 that is. @EA, Dont be mad when Black Ops, out sells BC2 and Medal of Duty:bc2 entire Life time sales in one week. LOL, DICE needs to stop giving console gamers gimped versions.

WildArmed2924d ago

Yeah, i was pretty pissed how there was locked content.
My brother bought this game for his b'day..
so he used the VIP code.. but my account is bare bones =/
It's pathetic.. They could have atleast enable the VIP code for the PS3 system -.-

Oh, MoH beta is depressing at best. It has the CoD look, w/o the fun and responsiveness.
All of my friends never touched the beta once and were disappointed.
So you aren't missing out much, atleast your hopes havn't been crushed yet.
maybe they can fix the game before the 360 beta starts.. because atm, the beta isn't worth playing

DelbertGrady2924d ago

EA's poor server support screwed it up, not DICE.

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