PS3 Tales Coming Fall 2010

According to a recent radio interview that was leaked online, it appears that the rumored PS3 Tales of title, rumored to be named Tales of Unitia, has been confirmed with a release date, alongside another PSP Tales title.


The blog posting has changed since the original publishing of this news story. It now gives a "late 2010" release instead of Fall 2010.

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mephman2898d ago

That would be pretty sweet. :)

ShawnCollier2898d ago

I wonder if they'd do a multi-platform release ala FFXIII if this came to NA/EU?

jammers2898d ago

I could see that happening.

KillaManiac2898d ago

Would be sweet if it was release it NA...or just in JPN w/ English subs.

Bobbykotickrulesz2898d ago

Japanese is an annoying language to listen to.

Actually, almost all languages are. If you don't understand what they're saying it's fucking annoying listening to them ramble. Just like I'm sure it is for people listening to English.

Anon73492897d ago

Major Jack Hoff

I'm an English speaker and I think listening to English Music and people ramble is much more annoying than any foreign language. Mostly because people like you have nothing interesting of intelligent to say.

Plus the sound of tone based languages like Korean or Japanese sounds nice, especially in music unlike something German or English.

PlainOldGamer2898d ago

Title was very misleading. Thought it was going to say Tales of Vesperia coming to outside of Japan. I couldn't care about this new Tales game because it probably won't be available to people outside of Japan. :(

Redempteur2898d ago

i'm very happy that a new tales of game is on it's way ..but namco bandai america being the stupids they are ..will probably NOT release it or butch the translation..

Yeah i'm angry ... i can somewhat guess that tales of versus didn't make it ..BUUT I AM STILL WAITING FOR VESPERIA PS3 or TALES OF GRACES .

How is that so hard ???? ANSWER SCAMCO !!

Kira832898d ago

theres still hope for a NA vesperia PS3, http://playstationlifestyle... Though i wouldnt call this a confirmation.

Reibooi2898d ago

I'm still waiting for PS3 Vesperia in the US.

raWfodog2898d ago

That's what I'm talking about...Bandai Namco needs to stop with this bs and release the enhanced PS3 version of TOV here in NA. And who knows if this new title will even drop here. I need some good RPGs.

sinncross2898d ago

Yeah... I really hope that gets a release asap

sikbeta2898d ago

That's the same thing I was hoping, I want TOV for PS3 here...NOW!!!

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ShapelyChops2898d ago

Oooooh, the PS3 needs some RPGs like this, I think

Chris3992898d ago

And I'm not sure where you've been recently, but the PS3 is where all the JRPGs ARE. Shift happened last year some time. The 360 has had what? Magna Carta 2, FF XIII, ROF and N32 (more of a hackn'slash than RPG that one)?

I could rhyme off about a dozen JRPGs on the PS3 that are out this year, exclusively on Sony's platform. And those are just the ones that are confirmed to be localized.

MS seems to have abandoned the genre entirely. Which is a shame, as Lost Odyssey and some of the early 360 JRPGs were really brilliant (possibly simply on account of the market being starved for HD JRPGs).

ShawnCollier2898d ago

I'm guessing he was meaning ones that were more JRPG-ish, instead of the mix that some of the recent PS3 RPGs have been.

Chris3992898d ago

And all of those have been released this year. If we add Last Rebellion and ROF Sony's platform has simply released more JRPGs this year and will continue to do so - Trinity: Souls, Atelier Rorona, Neptune, Ar Tonelico 3, etc.. Next year there's already FF XIV, WKC2 (likely) and Another World to look forward to.

A good chunk of the aforementioned games are exclusive, mind you. And that's platform exclusive, not even on the PC. I'm not sure why I'm getting disagrees for stating the obvious.

I bought a 360 for JRPGs back when the PS3 had none and while it served it's purpose then, it's become relatively useless at present for serving me the genre that I enjoy. If you were a JRPGophile back in 2008, the 360 was terrific. These days you need a PS3. Period.

Hardedge2898d ago

Wicked, I'm looking forward to this!

Kain812898d ago

all my prayers were answered^^


ShawnCollier2898d ago

Considering the rumors that most of the voice work was already done, dunno why Namdai is waiting on releasing it.

Reibooi2898d ago

My only guess(which doesn't make sense even so weird) Is that they did the voice work for it and then for whatever reason didn't deem it a good idea to release as the cost of the release would just cause more losses. But I honestly doubt that's the case. Vesperia would sell a crap ton on PS3 so all they need to do is release it.

It's either that or there is some contract that was made with MS that is preventing them from releasing it and they are just waiting for that thing to expire so they can release it.

If we don't see or hear anything about it at TGS this year then I really don't know what the hell is going on with it.

Hardedge2898d ago

I'm with you on that one, where the hell is it!? xD

Redempteur2898d ago

there was no tales of release at all

not versus , not graces , not vesperia PS3 , not tales of the world 2

4 tales of games went by and phantasia dongeon X will probably be lost too

ClownBelt2898d ago

Not a big fan of tales. Quite ironic though that I love Star Ocean's battle system, yet I detest the one in tales. Considering the battle system of both are almost the same thing too...ugh....

LiViNgLeGaCY2898d ago

That is ironic and weird.

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